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15+ People Who Expressed Themselves In The Most Bizarre Ways

You've got to be yourself in life, that's true. You can't just live your life by someone else's standards. Expressing yourself is about as personal a thing as you can get, but sometimes the way you do that will turn people's heads, so it can take some bravery.

Here are some folks who are letting their flags fly, even when the rest of the world might think they're off their collective rockers.

Carpeted bathrooms alone are controversial.

Reddit | slynnt33

Because that carpet is going to get nasty wet and mildewy. But bringing the carpet up to the very edge of the tub is a bold, bold choice.

Now that's commitment to a theme.

Reddit | H-TownForever

Like, right down to the toilet brush, this bathroom is absolutely, claustrophobically plastered with florals.

Hey, I love Clint Eastwood flicks as much as the next guy, but wow.

Reddit | Gentlegiant2

I'm not saying it's good, bad, or ugly, but that would definitely cost a fistful of dollars, and might, in retrospect, be unforgiven.

You've got to have your fun in life.

Reddit | deadleaf_shrimp

Like this delivery guy who strikes a hilarious pose whenever he's confirming a drop-off. Well done, sir, well done.

I really don't know what someone was trying to express by leaving a large wooden post in a toilet, but they went out of their way to do it.

Reddit | prokjs

This, according to the uploader, is a second floor bathroom in a school. Someone had to sneak it past a teacher, too.

Just had to make sure the Beetle fit in the den.

Reddit | TomTheTerrific

As one does, of course. No idea if our car would fit in our den, and frankly, I don't need to. But that's just me.

Or would you rather cover a Beetle in fur?

Reddit | oogidyboogidy19

As unique as it is, I do not want to smell this car after a rainy weekend. That's a dealbreaker for me.

Well that's one way to give your two weeks' notice.

Reddit | Unthgod

Just put your picture in as many picture frames as you can, and wait until somebody notices.

Is it a sign of too much free time if you write up a cat newsletter to post by the litter box?

Reddit | CommaHorror

Or, from another angle, what's stranger, taking the time to make a cat newsletter for the cat to read while in the litter box, or the cat actually reading it?

Toe beans are one of the finest parts of cats.

Reddit | Demerzel451

As is discovering something in your cupboard that looks so much like a toe bean that you can have some fun scaring folks with.

Usually people wait until Festivus to air their grievances publicly.

Reddit | selfish_presley

It's definitely more original than those stick figure families, I'll give it that.

Okay, that pony car got one heck of an upgrade.

Reddit | fyflate89

I honestly don't know if I wish this were road legal or not. It obviously belongs out in the wild, running free, but I don't know if I would want to share the streets with it.

Mind you, that 'do has nothing on this guy's head nest.

Reddit | Ehrahbass

It's nothing if not useful to be able to carry a snack of hardboiled eggs around with you even when you don't have pockets.

Back to school shopping is getting more complicated.

Reddit | izzylikesdogs

Or easier, I suppose, with these one-stop-shopping pants. And think of the courage you would show if you actually wore them on the first day of a new school year!

Those are speed holes, right? To make the car go faster?

Reddit | Isku_StillWinning

I mean, the car would definitely be lighter, but I suspect the aerodynamics would be a mess, not to mention it's not really an all-weather ride.

I guess that's one way to react to losing your job.

Reddit | NRS1

And it's not like this guy will have to get up for work in the morning, so it can be a real bash!

Sailor Hill? Bobby Moon?

Reddit | Komplexs

I've seen worse mashups — at least they're both animated characters? — but there's no way Hank would approve, I tell you hwut.

Fatherhood credentials confirmed.

Reddit | Magulla

Getting a tattoo seems like a high price to pay for a dad joke that's sure to get old, but hey, he might as well get all he can from it now.

When you want it to feel like every day is vacation.

Reddit | lovestang

The feeling doesn't have to go away when you put the RV into storage if you really, really don't want it to.

Servers wouldn't even ask if Coke was okay if you wore this into a restaurant.

Reddit | crunchypills

And if you could successfully wear it without getting your hair caught in it or scraping your scalp, that would be a banner day.

Platform Crocs are one thing, but Balenciaga platform Crocs...

Reddit | Ostrantula

Well, you're sure do pay to get them covered in the things teenagers put on their backpacks.

The fashion police ought to have something to say about this purse.

Reddit | TheJungleKitty

It might not have room for fava beans or a nice chianti, but it will definitely turn some heads, I suppose.

Seen at a Barbie convention, this person has ringed their hat brim with shaved Barbie heads.

Reddit | Eorr11

Which I would have thought would be more like a bratty little brother's trophy collection, but what do I know?

When dentists fall in love...

Reddit | YellowDougie

They probably have more sense than to give each other teeth rings. I hope. But selling teeth for teeth rings really opens up a new income stream.

Guess this lady has chosen which brand of bottled water she'll support.


But wouldn't a shirt last longer and broadcast her love for Fiji Water better?

People either hate badminton, or they are absolute fanatics.

Reddit | Franky784

Pretty sure you know what category you fall into if you own shuttlecock shoes.

So that's an interesting choice of shirt.

Reddit | BirkusMaximus

Or an interesting choice of facial hair, I guess. I know which one is easier to fix though.

Safety first?

Reddit | boxdogdog

I sincerely hope that this dress is made from condoms fresh from the wrapper.

This guy needs to make up his mind.

Reddit | SirJukesALot

Do you want to be camouflaged, or highly visible? Because you can't have it both ways.

This is what I imagine Norman Bates's nightlight would look like.

Reddit | orbitofnormal

Someone really did dream that up and made our nightmare into a reality. Yikes.