To Make 'Game Of Thrones' Even Worse Drogon Burning The Iron Throne Was By Accident

Game of Thrones.

It seems that it will just never stop being the topic of discussion. Especially now that the finale's script got released and made us see something just so terrible.

So once Dany burned King's Landing, Jon killed her.


And after she died, Drogon burns the Iron Throne while he's in a rage.

So naturally, we assumed that it was an act of symbolism.


But apparently, that was not the case.

Nope, what we thought was one piece of good writing, wasn't even that.

"Dumb bystander".



That's what they called the Iron Throne. It was not an act of symbolism. Just a dumb bystander.

Honestly, they should have just lied about it.


That would have been better, we all could have slept peacefully at night.

But now we have to be mad all over again.