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Starbucks Just Announced This Year's PSL Release Date And It's Earlier Than Ever

Okay, I need to start this with some honesty: I'm not a huge fan of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don't dislike it, but it's always been a touch too sweet for my preference. I like a bit more emphasis on the spice part of the fall blend.

But I still look forward to its yearly release, because it's the first sign of my favorite time of the year: autumn.

I just love everything about the fall.

So while the PSL isn't for me, the distinct flavors of ginger, allspice, and cloves definitely are and I am ready to start mixing them into everything.

I also wilt in the heat, so I'm always ready for summer to end.

We've gotten used to PSL season creeping earlier and earlier.

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It used to be launched in mid-to-late-September, which fits well with that actual equinox, but last year it was the first week of September.

Which is okay. Most of use really consider September in general to be the start of fall.

But this year, Starbucks has announced that it'll be available earlier than ever: August 28.

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That's right. Autumn creep has officially made it into a proper summer month.

Which I'm torn about.

I mean, bring on the fall flavors!

Unsplash | Alisa Anton

Why not, right?

But assuming the summer continues to be stupid hot, I'm not sure how I feel about warm, autumn-y flavors when I'm already caked in sweat.

Of course, Starbucks doesn't just do the single PSL anymore.

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They've got ready-to-drink versions in bottles and cans, instant versions, ground coffee beans, and this year, they've added a PSL-flavored coffee creamer.

Which: noms.

So where do you fall on the PSL spectrum?

Do you live and breathe it all season long? Do you hate it with every fiber of your being? Or are you like me: somewhere in the middle?

h/t: Business Insider