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Amy Duggar Said She Will Support Her Son If He "Wants to Dress Up Or Play With Dolls"

Counting On star Amy Duggar is the talk of the town lately since she will soon be a mama!

She can't wait to give birth to her little boy and has been keeping us updated on Instagram.

Our cover story photo is the one she posted on her Instagram.

Where she got an interesting question on what she would do if her son would like to play dress up.

And this was her answer!

Instagram | amyrachelleking

Which, come on, admit it, this probably surprised a lot of people.

I know it surprised me, considering the rest of her family!

For the most part, people were extremely supportive in the comments.

Which is quite comforting considering that really could have gone either way.

Beyond anything, what's important is that she is a loving and caring mother.

Isn't that all that really matters in the end?

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