Powdered Oreo Drink Mix Is A Real Thing And Lets You Dunk Your Oreo In Oreos

If I asked you to name some of the most iconic food pairings in the world, I'm sure I could guess a few of the ones that would immediately come to your mind. Peanut butter and jelly is a classic, everyone loves chocolate and mint together, and don't even get me started on grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

But I'm certain that most of you first thought about the delicious combo of cookies and milk. More specifically, Oreos and milk, because has there truly ever been a more perfect coming-together of foods?

What's the best way to eat Oreos? Why, by drunking them, of course!

These tasty cookies were practically made for being carefully plunged inside a glass of ice-cold milk. Dunking Oreos is like a careful science, but it's also an art form — don't leave them in the milk too long or they'll get soggy, and keep a good grip on them or you'll end up losing your precious cookie to the bottom of your glass.

What could be more perfect than dunking Oreos in milk? How about dunking Oreos in Oreos?

The good people over at Oreo have come up with a new powdered drink mix that is made from the classic cookie.


Oreo Drink Mix is flavored powder that you pour and stir into a glass of your favorite milk (cow, soy, almond, it's your world). Because it contains real pieces of Oreo cookie crumble, your chocolatey sip is going to have that authentic and delicious Oreo taste.

This isn't actually the first time we're seeing this tasty, powdery product.

The drink mix had a limited release back in 2018 where it only appeared in a few select stores: Food Lion, Hy-Vee, Southeastern Grocers, Albertsons, and Woodman's Markets.

The good news? Now you can grab a container of the stuff for yourself off Amazon for less than $5!

Each 16oz container promises 32 servings, but of course this depends on how enthusiastic you are with your scoops.

You can expect about 50 calories and 11 grams of sugar per glass enjoyed, but again, that's all contingent on just how much powder you prefer.

Just like with Nesquik, Ovaltine, or any other powder-based beverage, it's up to you to decide just how flavored you want it, and if personal experience is any indication, I'd say 32 servings is a little generous.

If you really want to step up your Oreo game, might I suggest investing in some next-level dunking equipment?


You can snag this "Ultimate Dunking Set" from Walmart for less than $20. It comes with three packets of Oreos, two Oreo-branded glass mugs, two plastic blue stackers to attach to those mugs and, best of all, two red tongs to help you dunk those cookies into their chocolatey-Oreo bath.

Happy dunking, people!

h/t: Best Products