People Are Saying Noah Centineo 'Let Himself Go' In Latest Insta Pic

Look, there's a lot of things we can shame Noah Centineo for— y'all heard about Swiped?

But one thing that is truly ridiculous to ever say about this man is that he's physically unattractive.

I mean, unless we're referring back to his character in "Swiped" in which case, he has never been more unattractive.

Instagram | @ncentineo

But that's beside the point.

Noah is known for posting shirtless selfies to make the girls ~swoon~ on his Insta.

Instagram | @ncentineo

And we love that for him.

Who can forget his Calvin Klein ad that literally stopped the Earth's rotation when it was first released?

Instagram | @ncentineo

Everyone was like yaaaaas Noah!

He also took a bath (?) in some boxed water and took a moment to share this *hilarious* pic from the shoot.

Instagram | @ncentineo

Do you see my point, here? Noah is anything but shy about his body-ody-ody.

But weirdly, his latest shirtless pic has received a lot of negative attention.

Instagram | @ncentineo

People have dared to claim Noah now has a (gasp) dad bod.

Here is the picture in question:

Instagram | @ncentineo

The caption?

"Mom I’ll be home in May."


People were absolutely acting a FOOL.

Instagram | @ncentineo

He's still hella in shape you guys... c'mon now.

Of course, his fans were quick to clap back at any hate their sweet Noah was getting.

Instagram | @ncentineo

These ESSAYS, though!

Don't worry Noah, you still got it going on, boo.

Instagram | @ncentineo

What do you think of Noah's body shamers?