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Oscar Mayer Wants Us to Try Hot Dog And Mustard Flavored 'Ice Dogs'

OK, at this point, I feel like we have to ask: Are food companies OK?

I like new ideas and experimentation as much as the next person, but either they're seriously running out of flavors or the weird kid we knew in school turned out better than expected.

Between Arby's making weird carrots out of turkey and the companies we associate with cookouts getting into the ice cream game in the weirdest way possible, it seems that "stay in your lane" is not advice that anybody wants to take right now.

Yesterday, French's decided that it was going to let its freak flag fly and create mustard-flavored ice cream.

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Despite sounding like something only the cruelest of pranksters would make you eat on a dare, this actually got surprisingly favorable reviews from its testers.

Well, it seems that Oscar Mayer didn't want to be outdone because they soon called out French's a day after the treat was released.


Not because it's an incredibly absurd idea, mind you, but because they wondered in a tweet "Who just eats mustard?"

And so, they introduced ice dogs, which are ice cream sandwiches flavored like hot dogs and spicy mustard.

And no, absolutely none of that is apparently a joke.

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In a separate tweet, they listed this insane concoction's ingredients, which are as follows: a cookie "bun," candied hot dog bits, hot dog sweet cream, and spicy Dijon gelato.

Yes, apparently there's enough separation between the hot dog flavored ice cream and the spicy mustard flavored ice cream that they won't just run together in your poor, confused mouth.

Unfortunately, if you think I'm lame and this sounds like a fantastic idea, it may be awhile before you can try these ice dogs for yourself.

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According to Best Products, the earliest tasters will get a chance to get an ice dog of their own in Manhattan on the week of August 12, when the company's signature weinermobile will tool around New York and hand out samples.

For everyone else, the only other options are either to DM Oscar Mayer for details or wait until a formal announcement from their Twitter account.