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Woman Tasered After Refusing $80 Ticket And Telling Cop He Can’t Arrest Her

An Oklahoma woman found herself on the wrong end of a stun gun after a routine traffic check saw her violently refuse to pay an $80 fine for a broken taillight, CNN reported.

Debra Hamil, 65, can be seen in the officer's body camera footage passionately rejecting the ticket, even going so far as to flee the scene in her truck before she is eventually caught, tasered, and arrested.

After she was pulled over for one of her taillights being busted, Hamil explained it's been out for six months.

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But, she added, she hasn't bought a new one yet because she's planning to buy a brand new bed for her truck instead.

Despite her reasoning, Officer Charles Missinne writes her an $80 ticket for defective equipment, prompting an irritated Hamil to ask, "So you don't even give a warning for this?"

Officer Missinne explains that he isn't about to give her a warning for a defective taillight she's had for six months.

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He asks her to sign the ticket but Hamil refuses, saying she doesn't believe she "deserves to pay $80 for something that is fixable."

It's at this point that Officer Missinne asks the 65-year-old to step out of her truck, which she refuses to do, leading him to inform her that she is now under arrest.

Tensions clearly begin to rise as Hamil informs the cop that he is "full of [expletive]" and he can't arrest her.

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As the cop continues to order Hamil out of the car, she tells him to "shut up" and then says she'll sign the ticket, though he says it's too late now and she still has to get out of her car.

Presumably in an effort to evade her impending arrest, Hamil hits the gas and drives away.

Office Missinne returns to his own vehicle and gives chase, catching Hamil once again only a few minutes later.

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This time, he takes out his firearm and points it at her, ordering her out of the car, which she still refuses to do.

He holsters his weapon, yanks open her driver side door, and pulls her from the vehicle, pushing her to the ground.

Hamil yells for him to "leave [her] alone" and refuses to put her hands behind her back.

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At this point in the video, she rolls onto her back and appears to line up her foot with his groin, prompting him to back away as she kicks out.

He retrieves his taser and fires it at the woman, who cries out in pain while she is tasered.

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In court documents, Officer Missinne says he actually struck her twice with the stun gun, though it's unclear in the video whether this happens. He is then able to cuff her and arrest her, and calls for emergency services.

"Do you realize you just got yourself in a whole lot more trouble?" he asks.

Later, once he has her in the back of his police vehicle, he asks her why she decided to drive off from the scene.

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She tells him she knew she was going to be arrested, and then says he didn't have to taser her, prompting him to reply, "You wouldn't comply, you wouldn't get out...and then you tried to kick me."

"Yeah I tried to kick ya," she responds, "because I'm a country girl."

Watch the full video of the exchange below.

Hamil is now facing a number of charges for violently refusing to accept her original $80 ticket.

She faces a charge of misdemeanor resisting arrest, as well as a felony charge of battery or assault and battery on a police officer. Court documents claim she kicked him in the groin, though Officer Missinne claimed she "tried" to kick him in this area.

Hamil is appeared in court on July 17 and is scheduled to return on August 27.

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