If You Hate Superheroes Then Amazon Prime's 'The Boys' Is The Perfect Series For You

The Boys is the newest "superhero" show, which is actually about how much a group of people hates superheroes.

But they have a good reason. The main superheroes of the show are terrible people.

'The Boys' shows the dark side of superheroes, in a way no one was ready for.


For example, in the very first episode, one of the heroes commits sexual assault.

In fact, the heroes are often behind major crimes.


But man, they know how to cover their tracks.

But a group of misfit friends bands together to take them down.

Season one is already completely out for streaming.


And it was renewed for season two before it even aired!

It's just THAT good!

Watch the trailer now!

If you haven't seen it, you really should.

If you have, how did you enjoy season one? Let us know in the comments!