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Don't Worry Everyone 'Fast and Furious' Writers Have Promised "Justice For Han"

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was an interesting part of the F&F franchise.

Our main hero, Han, died at the hands of Shaw, who is getting his own movie! Where is the justice?

Apparently, justice IS on the way.

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And thank goodness for that, because Shaw doesn't deserve a movie unless it's addressed!

Writer and producer Chris Morgan spoke about it.

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“I love ‘justice for Han.’ Sung Kang is a great friend, and Han is a character that I adore. I would say that the super-arc for Deckard Shaw is going to be one of the most interesting, cool, rewarding character arcs in the franchise."

"Justice for Han is owed."

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"It’s something we have discussed for a very long time and want to give the right due to. I think the audience will be satisfied and should know it’s coming."

The quote continues on, but we don't want to give up spoilers!

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There's a line in Hobbs & Shaw that Shaw exchanges with his sister, and it is, apparently, only the start of what we can expect.

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