All The Info You Need About Negan's Storyline For Season 10 Of 'The Walking Dead'

Once again we return to the world of Negan, the sadistic leader of The Saviors and the man who's been locked away for quite some time now.

He's back, baby.



We're going to have to talk about Season 9 of The Walking Dead here folks, so if you're just starting the series then you probably shouldn't keep reading.

Unless you want to spoil it for yourself.

'The Walking Dead'.


The Walking Dead is a show that came at the right time and has affected our culture for years.

Heck, even after ten seasons, the show is still going strong.

It's had spinoffs, now there's a movie on the way and of course, we're going into the tenth season.


It was announced this year at Comic-Con and we should be getting it around fall.

Of course...


You read the title, so you know that we're going to see the return of one of the many show favorites: the dastardly and once villainous, previous leader of the Saviors Negan.

Negan has been in a cell for the last ten years.


In the show, not in real life, we'd be on like season 20 if that was the case.

But now he's ready to spread his wings.

And probably do a lot of killing.


But the Negan we know now is far from the man that killed Glenn all those years ago.

No, like many prisoners before him, jail has changed him.

Well, I mean, kind of changed him.


From what we hear, this version of Negan isn't going to be a villain, but he won't be a hero either.

He'll be an anti-hero.

Showrunner Angela Kang says it best.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said: “He’s not the hero,” she says. “He’s, at best, an antihero. There’s definitely darkness and an edge to him.”

He had a moment of redemption in Season 9, where he rescued Michonne’s daughter Judith and Daryl’s dog Dog.


And anyone who saves a dog can't be all that bad, right?

Dogs are the best!

Could that be the reason they finally let him go? But is it enough to redeem him?


Some fans think no, however, some fans think that they want to see the charismatic leader go free.

But how will they justify letting him go?


How could they just let someone who murdered so many of their friends and so many people walk free?

After all he's done to them!

Angela Kang once again has the answer.


She said:

"I think after his heroic rescue of Judith, people might’ve noticed that when he was in that bed in the infirmary, he was not tied up or cuffed."

So maybe he has had a change of heart.


Maybe he wants to help out the group instead of destroying them.

Or, this is all part of some sinister plot to kill his adversaries.



There have been rumors that he and fan-favorite Daryl are going to team up (kind of, there will still be a lot of mistrust) prompting the loveable name "Team Degan".

What do you think?


Where do you think they're going to take Negan in the new season? Is this setting him up for a long tenure on the show?

Or are they just going to kill him off?