Mark Ruffalo Ran Away From An Angry Fan After 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Avengers: Infinity War is long gone now, but this story has just surfaced and I'm freaking out.

Mark Ruffalo had to run from an angry fan?! Say what?!

So, fans can get very emotional.


And honestly, I'm one of those fans.

But it's very important to remember to give the celebrities and producers their space.

'Infinity War' caused a lot of pain for us.


But the scene at the end where everyone gets dusted...

That was a lot to take in. And Mark Ruffalo actually attended a screening of the film where he saw one fan's reaction.

So what caused Mark to run away? Joe Russo explained:


"Ruffalo was in a theater in New York, he was in a cap and glasses with his son and his son’s friends. And he said when they got to the end of it, people just sat in the audience for ten minutes."

"And a guy ripped his shirt off and started screaming ‘Why?!’ at the screen and marching around the theater."


"And he thought ‘Ok, I gotta get out of here before somebody hurts me.’ And he snuck out the side door."

Poor Mark!