10+ Fan Theories About Famous Movies That Will Change Everything For You

Oh boy, I love talking about fan theories!

All the crazy, wacky stuff that could be going on behind the scenes, seeing patterns where there aren't any but convincing ourselves there are... it's just so much fun!

1. Doc Brown Is Suicidal


In Back To The Future, Doc Brown drives his car at himself at 88 miles per hour.

Ever wonder why he did that? Well, theories state that he was actually trying to kill himself, which is why he looks so surprised when it works.

2. The 'Fast & Furious' Movies Are A D&D Campaign


Ever notice how ridiculous the Fast And Furious movies are getting? That's because they're actually a Dungeon Master's attempt to amp up the energy for each new campaign (movie).

It's not really D&D but probably some car-related version.

3. The Family From 'The Witch' Is Hallucinating


Instead of being attacked by a witch, the puritan family that we meet in the film is actually just dying from starvation, hypothermia, and even an attack by a wolf.

4. 'The Shining' Was An Apology...


For faking the moon landing. There are people out there who believe that not only was the moon landing fake but that Stanley Kubrick directed it.

Some also believe that he created The Shining to apologize for it.

'The Shining' Was An Apology... (CONT)


Where's the proof? Well, sheep, how about the fact that Danny discovers room 237?

And how many miles between the earth and the moon? 225,623– er, I mean, 237,000.

5. Agrabah is a post apocalyptic wasteland


"10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!"

Genie says this, and yet he says a bunch of current pop culture references as well. Could Agrabah be 10,000 years into the future after some apocalyptic event?

6. Donny And Walter


This pair from The Big Lebowski is one of the funniest dynamics. However, some people think Donny might not even be real.

They suspect he's a figment of Walter's mind, possibly an old Vietnam war buddy of his.

7. Sandy Is Dead


In Grease, we hear the line: "I saved her life, she nearly drowned," in the opening number.

But what if Danny Zuko didn't save her at all? What if... she died?

Sandy Is Dead (CONT)


Some people believe that Sandy did drown, went into a coma and the movie is what she dreams about while in that coma.

The car flying into the sky at the end symbolizes her going to heaven.

8. Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord


Sounds insane, but hear me out here.

For one of the dumbest, clumsiest creatures in the whole galaxy far far away, he sure does get "lucky" in battles and everything...

Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord (CONT)


The theory goes is that he's using the force to help him survive. But then why can't Qui-Gon Jinn sense it?

Well, because he's using the dark side to cloud his judgment.

9. The 'Signs' Aliens Aren't Aliens


Because why would a super-advanced species that is allergic to water, attack a planet mostly made of water?

No, there's a theory that states the creatures from Signs... are demons.

10. Cam Has A Problem


In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, we know that Cam is shy, reserved and mostly along for the ride.

However, some people believe that Ferris himself doesn't even exist and is a picturesque version of the man Cam wants to be.

11. James Bond Is A Codename


Ever wonder how they explain the actors constantly changing for James Bond?

Well, because it's not the name of one person, but the codename for whoever has the 007 title.

12. 'E.T.' And 'Star Wars'


This fan theory was actually confirmed: E.T. and the Jedi live in the same universe!

His species aren't force-sensitive however, so he probably wasn't a Jedi.

13. Kevin McCallister and Jigsaw


There's this very strange theory about Home Alone going around that Kevin McCallister, that loveable apple-cheeked scamp from the first couple of movies grows up to be Jigsaw.

Yup, that loveable swirly-cheeked murderer from the Saw series.

Kevin McCallister and Jigsaw (CONT)


Think about it... all the traps that seemed pretty playful alongside Kevin's story could doubly work in Jigsaw's world.

14. Hans Isn't Evil


The surprise bad guy from Frozen may not be bad after all. The current theory is that the trolls cursed him!

They wanted Anna to marry Kristoff, so they cursed him to become evil!

15. Wall-E and The Robot Genocide


Huh... seems like a cool name for a sequel, doesn't it?

Anyways, the theory for this one goes that Wall-E is the last robot on earth because he killed all his fellow robots and used their parts to upgrade himself.

16. 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Goes To Heaven


There is a fan theory out there that says that Will Smith's character in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air actually died!

And so the theory is that the show takes place in heaven.

'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Goes To Heaven (CONT)


So Bel-Air is heaven (and it is, isn't it?) and the cab that picked him up, in the beginning, was actually God taking him to the afterlife.

17. Ash Ketchum Is In A Coma


There's a pretty dark fan theory about Pokemon that Ash Ketchum, the ambitious little anime gold who lives in the Poke-world is actually a real-life boy in the real world.

Except he's not running around catching cool creatures, he's in a coma.

18. Sid's Arc


The main villain of Toy Story (the first one) becomes a garbage man in Toy Story 3.

We could attribute this to a "bad kid gets a bad job" kind of arc...

Sid's Arc (CONT)


However, some fans think the job may have more meaning to it.

At the end of Toy Story (the first one again), Sid discovers toys are real, so maybe he becomes a garbage man to save thrown out toys.