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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Shared A Pic From The First 'Modern Family' Table Read To The Last

The final season of ABC's Modern Family is coming up.

That's hard enough as it is, but just in case you needed to cry some more, Jesse Tyler Ferguson just shared this recreated image from the first table read to the last.

Get ready for all of the feels!

Be still our hearts, this is a tough one: the end of "Modern Family" is coming.

Cue the tears.

So much has happened thoughout the years since the show first premiered in September 2009.

The mockumentary series follows the lives of three different (yet related) families through all of their trials and tribulations.

All of these iconic moments has helped the show earn pretty much every award out there.

This includes a whopping 22 Emmys, a Golden Globe, and four SAGS.

And, with the eleventh and final season coming up, it's only fair that we take a stroll through memory lane.

After all, this family feels like our family!

We've seen them all change and grow throughout the years!


More specifically, we've witnessed the crazy transformation of the child actors.

For instance, here's Hayley Dunphy (played by Sarah Hyland) back in season 1.


For one, we can practically feel her sass coming through the screen.

And second, doesn't she totally look like a young Mila Kunis here?

Now, Sarah is all grown up and getting married!

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She recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Bachelor alum, Wells Adams.

Then, there's Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny, here in 2009.


He was so little! Modern Family wasn't even his only major show.

He also played Rico on Disney's Corey in the House.

And here he is now:

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Even though he just turned 21, he'll always be (and look like) little Manny in our hearts!

And just to blow your mind a ~little~ more, try not to cry at this recreated photo with Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily) and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell).

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Can you believe that Audrey started the show when she was just three?! Look at her now!

As for the rest of the cast, here's a pic that will make you feel hella old.

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This recreated image was taken outside ABC studios where they had their first table read.

There's been a lot of people in shock over how much everyone's changed.

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"Whoa," wrote actress Elizabeth Banks, who has guest-starred on the show before.

It also had a lot of people wondering where Joe Pritchett was.

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Thankfully, Sophia swooped in to save the day with this pic that she shared on her Instagram.

Speaking of Sophia, there were a ton of comments about how she hasn't aged one bit.

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Hey, Soph, can we get some of them genes?

And of course, a ton of sad comments read our mind: we're not ready for it to end!

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Alas, all good things come to an end.

Get those tissues ready! The final season of Modern Family premieres September 25th!