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People Are Dragging These YouTubers For Selling A 'Creepy' $300 Doll Based On Their Son

It's becoming increasingly common for many families to start their own YouTube channels in the hopes of becoming influencers. For those that make it to that coveted status, it can be extremely lucrative.

However, people are saying one popular YouTube family has gone too far with their latest merchandise item.

The Ingham Family are popular YouTubers and social media influencers from the U.K.

Their YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers who watch video updates about Sarah and Chris, and their children, Isabelle, 13; Esmé, 9; and Isla, 7.

In March, the family welcomed their fourth child and first baby boy.

Jace Ingham quickly began making appearances on the family's social media accounts.

Sarah even posted a vlog of Jace's birth.

YouTube | The Ingham Family

The video titled "EMOTIONAL LIVE BIRTH - LABOUR AND DELIVERY!" has racked up over half a million views on YouTube since it was posted in March.

However, a recent announcement made by the family has stirred up some controversy.

Even some of the family's most die-hard fans have criticized the news that came from their video titled "WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL SECRET TO TELL - HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!"

In the video, Chris and Sarah surprised their daughters with a life-like doll version of Jace.

YouTube | The Ingham Family

They then revealed that they had teamed up with a doll creator to make a Jace doll available for their fans to purchase.

The doll is known as a "reborn" doll.

Mary Shortle

Reborn dolls are hyper-realistic dolls which are purchased by collectors and are sometimes used for therapeutic reasons. The Jace doll retails for about $340, or $418 if you get extra accessories.

Reactions to the news on the family's YouTube channel were negative.


Many YouTube users commented that it was "weird" and "creepy" for the family to sell a doll version of Jace.

People have also taken to platforms like Twitter to criticize the family.

The dolls are being made and sold by designer Mary Shortle and it is a limited-edition design with only 250 dolls made.

Since the backlash, Sarah and Chris have responded to the controversy.

They have since said that the doll is not of Jace, but was inspired by him and shares his name. They have also said that a number of their fans have responded positively to the news.

""Baby reborn dolls bring so much joy and happiness to so many children and people alike throughout the world — our children included," Chris said in an interview with Buzzfeed News. "So why not bring something positive to our own followers like that?"