What's This? What's This? There's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Kitchenware!

Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic Tim Burton film that has transcended the years. Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie? Who knows.

Regardless, there is no denying the impact the movie has had on all kinds of merchandise for either season. If you're a fan, Nightmare Before Christmas decor is the perfect way to pay homage to the film and to Halloween. And this year, it's all about giving a spooky makeover to your kitchen.

Spook up your kitchen this Halloween by giving it a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' makeover.


And it's so easy to do it right from your couch, because these can all be found on Amazon!

Like this amazing Jack Skellington cookie jar.

Share a bowl of cereal or pasta with your beau with these "simply meant to be" bowls.


And when you get to the bottom, you're greeted with a sweet image of Jack and Sally.


Kitchen nightmares is given a whole new meaning with this adorable teacup and saucer set.


These are the perfect "his and hers" morning coffee cups for Halloween lovers.

My favorite item is probably this matching salt and pepper shaker of Zero and the ghost-dog's doghouse.


They're only $9 — I can't say no to that!

Welp, I guess my kitchen is getting a makeover this October!

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