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This Mustachioed Puppy Named 'Salvador Dolly' Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere

The world is full of some spectacular animals and, thanks to the power of the internet, we get to see these adorable creatures for ourselves, no matter where they are.

Instagram is a powerful tool that is bringing people closer to the most unique pets out there. Honestly, we can't get enough of them. I know I personally follow several animal-based Instagram pages that are devoted to delivering me the best of the best fur babies.

That's what Instagram's for, right?

This beautiful pup recently went viral on Instagram for her uncanny resemblance to one historical artist.

Meet "Salvador Dolly", the 5-week-old black-and-white pup who shares the same fanciful mustache as her namesake, 20th century Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

According to New York Post, this mustachioed pooch is one of 11 puppies discovered on the streets of Dallas, Texas, with their mama.

The stray litter was taken in by the rescue organization Hearts And Bones, which works out of both Dallas and New York.

Photos of the pups, and in particular the so-called "Mustache Puppy", were posted on the group's Instagram page less than a week ago. In the caption, the organization explained that the entire litter, mama included, are receiving medical attention before they'll be ready for adoption.

As of right now, the group appears to still be in the care of a foster home.

Unsurprisingly, the mustachioed doggo was the star of the Instagram post which quickly went viral.

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Users have filled the comment sections to express their amazement at this unique pup, who is the only one in the litter to sport such unusual "facial hair", as well as offers to adopt her.

"She can't be real!" one user wrote, while another added, "She 'mustache' you a question: are you her furever home?"

The rescue has since posted an update on this adorable pooch and announced her new name, "Salvador Dolly."

They said the dogs will soon leave Dallas to head for New York City where they'll be ready for adoption, around late August or early September.

You can find more information on Dolly, as well as her siblings, and about the adoption process on the Hearts and Bones website.

h/t: New York Post