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These New Grape Soda Grapes At Sam's Club Sound Like The Grapiest Grapes Ever

I'm not sure the grape or orange sodas of our childhood are actually good. They are sugar bombs that don't so much taste like real grapes or oranges as they taste like an extreme version of what we think grapes and oranges taste like.

But omg, I love grape soda so much. Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but if there is grape soda in the cooler, it is always my first choice.

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And I mean, I like grapes in general, but there is a wide gap between the real thing and the nostalgia-laced, artificially-flavored sugar bomb in a can.

But there's a new product at Sam's Club that seeks to bridge that gap.

Sam's Club

These Grape Soda Grapes are only available for a limited time, and are described as having the "intense sweet flavor of your favorite grape pop with a unique tropical twist."

Like Cotton Candy Grapes before them, these flavorful beauties are non-GMO.

Sam's Club

Their intense grape-iness is due to careful breeding of the vines to develop a variety that naturally tastes closer to that fizzy sugar water we know and love.

Now, please excuse me, but I need to go check every Sam's Club in 10-mile radius of my house.