6+ Plot Twists That Actually Ruined These Famous Movies

Some movies rely on plot twists and shock factor to keep audiences hooked. But it's only interesting to a point.

These movies were great up until the last ten minutes when everything was ruined.

I mean, sure, not every plot twist can be on The Sixth Sense's level. But some of these are just plain lazy.

Spoiler Alert.

1. *The Village*

Touchstone Pictures, Blinding Edge Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions

A group of villagers in 19th century Pennsylvania are haunted by monsters lurking in the surrounding forest.

You can expect a plot twist from any M. Night Shyamalan film and this one is no exception.

Plot twist: the monsters are the elders playing dress up!!

Touchstone Pictures

They deter younger generations from leaving the village and finding out the second plot twist.

The village is actually in the 21st century, but is part of a cult.

2. *Now You See Me*

This star-studded 2013 heist thriller has an amazing set-up.

Four magicians calling themselves "The Four Horsemen" are brought together to pull off robberies during their performances.

FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is determined to catch them in the act.

K/O Paper Productions

Turns out Rhodes had been the mastermind behind The Four Horsemen in the first place.

And that this whole elaborate caper has been for revenge.

He wanted to punish the safe company whose faulty designs led to his father's drowning AND the insurance company that later rejected his mother's claim.

K/O Paper Productions

So he's built an entire career over several decades in the FBI for all this.

Like, I'm petty but I don't think anyone's on Dylan Rhodes' level of petty.

3. *Perfect Stranger*

Revolution Studios

Halle Berry is an investigative reporter looking for her childhood friend's murderer.

She plans to seduce Bruce Willis, who is the owner of a shady advertising agency, in order to get a confession from him.

Which is already confusing.

But what makes it even more so...

Revolution Studios

Is that Halle Berry is revealed to be her friend's killer all along!

With no prior set-up! I wish I could say this movie is less confusing in context. But I can't.

4. *The Boy*

Lakeshore Entertainment

Released in 2016, this horror film saw a young American nanny hired by an old British couple to care for their son.

Weirdly enough, the son is actually a porcelain doll mimicking their dead son.

But that's not all!

Lakeshore Entertainment

Oh no! Turns out their son really survived and has been living in their walls!

But also vicariously through the doll! No one knows why!

5. *Savages*

Two marijuana farmers and their girlfriend become involved with a Mexican drug cartel.

Hostages are taken on both sides but the trade-off goes wrong. Both the farmers get shot.

But only one of them dies. His partner and their mutual girlfriend then kill themselves to be with him.

Relativity Media, Ixtlan Productions

...and then she wakes up and it was all a dream.

Yup. A dream.

She dreamed all that while being held captive by a Mexican drug cartel.

And then the trio get their happy ending.

6. *Hancock*

The immortal amnesiac Hancock makes a good attempt at superheroism with mixed results.

He then meets a woman who turns out to be his superpowered ex-wife.

She reveals to him that they are both thousands of years old.

Relativity Media

And that being physically close to each other is the only thing that can turn them mortal.

So he flies to the moon. You heard me, folks. The moon.

7. *Identity*

Konrad Pictures

Identity follows a classic slasher set-up.

Ten strangers are stuck together in a seedy motel during a storm when someone starts picking them off one by one.

But get ready for plot twist number one!!

It was the little boy all along!

Konrad Pictures

Which is impossible unless he has superstrength and can teleport.

Plot twist number two!

None of it's actually real, the whole thing takes place in a killer's imagination where each character is one of his personalities.

8. *The Dark Knight Rises*

This movie was chock full of plot holes: Bane's paradoxical plans, his inconsistent backstories, a mislabeled truck full of explosives.

But it was all tied together by a twist at the end.

Miranda Tate is secretly Talia al Ghul.


Her being the mastermind behind everything does explain away some complaints.

But what's the point of a movie if everyone has to watch it three times to make sense of it?

9. *Remember Me*

Remember Me starts out as a beautiful movie that tells a few tales about romance and familial love and hardships.

The acting is also incredible.

But just when you think everything is going to work out, it's ruined by the plot twist at the very end.


Tyler dies in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Yeah, not really the best ending.

10. *Signs*

Touchstone Pictures

While it may be one of the most iconic movies of all time, the fact that these aliens, who are super powerful, have a weakness to water was just too eye-roll-worthy.

11. *Spectre*

SPECTRE is an organization in the Bond films that has existed since the Sean Connery Bond films.

So in 2015, when it was announced that they'd return in the next Bond film, people were excited.

Christoph Waltz, who was cast, was rumored to play Blofeld but nothing was confirmed.

Waltz was, in fact, playing Blofeld—but he was Bond's adoptive brother. Oh, and he faked his own death and then returned.

It was just too much.

12. *The Forgotten*

Revolution Studios

When this movie makes us realizes that the people are aliens, suddenly throwing us into a sci-fi film, we were all flabbergasted.

Especially since it made no sense in the larger plot.

13. *Star Trek Into Darkness*

The problem with this movie is that, like a lot of sequels, it was trying to match the magic that we got in the first one.

Which we all know is very difficult to do.

When it's revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch's character, Khan, is the villain, no one is surprised by his idenity reveal.

Why is that an issue? Well, in the canon universe, no characters know who Khan is.

In the movie, no one really gasps at the reveal. It's like he's a nobody.

14. *High Tension*

‎Alexandre Films

The film has a pretty straightforward story, but the longer you sit there watching the movie, the more you realize that it doesn't make sense.

Even the shots that are filmed end up being confusing once you find out who the killer is.

‎Alexandre Films

And the worst twist, of course, is that the killer's dissociation has to do with her being in love with her female friend.

So once again, bad LGBTQ+ rep in Hollywood.

15. *Secret Window*

The killer is revealed to be the protagonist's other identity, as a result of their dissociative identity disorder.

While it may seem like a great call to make, it wasn't. All that tension in the movie between two characters led to nothing.

16. *Scream 3*


Scream 3 had a super complicated killer reveal, and it gave most people a headache.

When it is revealed that it is Sidney's secret half-brother, it was super anti-climatic.

17. *Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi*

Luke finding out that he's Leia's brother would have been amazing had they not shared a kiss before.

That's the only reason why this plot twist made us cringe.

18. *Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull*


When Indy and friends find out that the crystal skulls belonged to inter-dimensional beings, we all rolled our eyes a little.

It was so good up until that very moment.

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