13+ Pics That Will Make Every Breastfeeding Mom Laugh Out Loud

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful time where new moms can bond with their babies. However, while the bonding is sweet, the torture of having to get up to feed during the night, the excessive biting, and the pumping can be totally and utterly draining.

All that milk.

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We may say we want bigger boobs, but the soreness that comes with all that milk. Ouch.



Make it easier and never get dressed again!

Men are useless.

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That's right, useless dads with their useless nipples.

Nursing pad glue is the enemy.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Milk stains are for warriors.

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Nothing like ruining your favorite shirt with your own milk.

Sleep? Yes. Milk? No.

The struggle is too real!

Pump rooms need a makeover.

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Nothing like having to pump in a bathroom stall at your job.

Must be nice.

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Can I just give my boobs to my husband for a little while?


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Easy access, 1, 2, 3!


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It's as if we're just waiting for the shoe to drop.

Too true.

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Bite marks are the most painful things ever.

Love to see it!

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Women supporting women — moms supporting moms.

The worst moment.

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To disturb the baby or to get the phone? Choices.

How do you measure a boobful?

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Sorry, can't control the speed of my milk.

It's gold over here.


I only make so much!

Booby trapped.

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That feeling when we want to move, but don't want to wake the monster.

A big no-no.

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That's not coming off for a while.

Calories don't count!


You know that those Oreos are going to a good place.

I'm a wizard.


Everyone knows breastmilk cures literally everything.

Coming through with my contraptions.


Just a little something to pump.

Milk stains are the new black.

They're there, always and forever.

The lopsided boob is no urban legend.

Breastfeeding moms know that your boobs will go through a ton of sizes and changes — sometimes all in the same day.

Milk stains for days.

This is why all breastfeeding moms keep a spare shirt or two... or three in the diaper bag.

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