The Cast Of 'Zoey 101' Just Reunited And It's Nostalgic AF

When I think about traumatic childhood memories, there are few moments that sting more than our beloved Zoey 101 being ripped from our grubby, lil' pre-pubescent hands waaaaaaaaay too soon.

"Zoey 101" aired in that golden age of televsion that was Nickelodeon in the mid-to-late 2000's.


A few years before every single pre-teen show became actually unbearable to watch.

Of course, the show infamously got cancelled after the LEAD character Zoey (aka Ms. Jamie Lynn Spears) got preggers.


AKA the unofficial end to our childhoods.

The show only lasted four seasons, and in television years that's literally like a blink of an eye.


The series finale aired in May 2008 with many plot holes and loose ends because... ya know, Jamie Lynn couldn't look pregnant on the show so ish had to be filmed quickly.

Well, justice may finally be served as it looks like the WHOLE "Zoey 101" cast reunited last night admits rumors of a reboot!

Instagram | @rioflynn

Well, everyone besides Jamie Lynn Spears because she ruins everything was out of town.


Instagram | @rioflynn

We got Dustin. We got Quinn. We got Lola. We got Chase. We got Logan. We got Michael.

And of course...

We got Mark Del Figgalo, baby!

Instagram | @jacksalvs

"Look at my Mark, isn't he yummy?!"

Everyone got super hot this past decade and I *love* that for them.

Instagram | @danwarp

And if you're missing Jamie Lynn, don't worry— she still got included in the fun!

Jamie posted this video message she got from the gang as well as a screenshot of her missed calls from Chris Massey (aka Michael) and all I gotta say is the FOMO must have been so REAL, sis.

I love that they still have each other's phone numbers!

Awwwww! Friends!

I hope the reboot rumors are true and we catch up with the kids of PCA.

BRB, listening to the Zoey 101 theme song on repeat and crying until further notice.