12 People Share Photos Of Themselves Six Years Ago And Their Glo Ups Have Us Shook

On Twitter, #2012vs2018 is trending and I'm here for it. Honestly, remember when we all thought the world was going to end in 2012? Well, we should all be glad it didn't, because the difference six years can make is pretty amazing. It was all the time needed to make these glo ups happen.

Honestly, you don't even have to take my word for it, check some of these out!

1. Like, look at this! It actually makes me emotional.

Twitter | @addictiveluh

She is such a beautiful human being. Here she is, now celebrating five years cancer-free! Talk about a huge life change.

2. Oh yes, this is what I'm talking about! 

Twitter | @YourFavoriteLEO

You can literally see and feel the change in confidence between these two pictures. Also, can we talk about how amazing her eyebrows just naturally are? Unreal.

3. I am speechless, this is...I don't even have the words.

Twitter | @TrevorMoran

If I didn't have a word count to hit, I would just leave this here because it speaks for itself. It makes my heart so happy to see someone so fully embracing who they are.

4. It's crazy how much someone can actually change in six years.

Twitter | @1kcory_

Like, this person doesn't even look anything remotely like their before picture! At least he doesn't have to wear that turnt up t-shirt anymore, because we can all see it for ourselves.

5. Oh, braces...they were both the best and the worst.

Twitter | @bonniercb

I love her freckles and I gotta say, those eyebrows and the swoop on that wing are absolute perfection. Get it, girl!

6. What an incredibly beautiful woman. 

Twitter | @nithyaaaaa_

I think it's so wonderful that she still smiles the same! You can see it in her eyes, too. Just stunning. I'm really loving her beautiful hair.

7. Those cheek bones! Oh, I can't.

Twitter | @pryceatkinson

This young man has mastered the sexy, smoldering eyes that so many of us desperately wish we could achieve. I'm also very jealous that his hair has such amazing volume.

8. Would you look at that...what a difference a haircut makes.

Twitter | @Faddelghandour7

I mean, finishing puberty doesn't hurt either, but sometimes it really does come down to the little things. He looks so distinguished.

9. Look at her! She looks so beautiful.

Twitter | @OhMiaGod

Not many people can pull off red hair like that and she is absolutely killing it. Her cute little smile is so sweet.

10. I can't get over how beautiful her eyes are.

Twitter | @imnadiahjacobs

They look so soulful and honest. She is also owning that lip color, and let's be honest, she's an all-around babe.

11. I don't even know what to say about this one, except dannnng. 

Twitter | @ImmortalHD

Serious question, though, is that mustache real or fake? I've spent many, many minutes trying to figure it out.

12. Again with the cheek bones! She is so beautiful that I probably couldn't make real sentences around her.

Twitter | @jemappellegabs

I guess six years goes a long way to making someone look like an Instagram model.