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This Butterfly Has Completely Transparent Wings That Look Like Glass

Nature is pretty amazing. Just look around you — it's pretty difficult to not appreciate all the natural things in life happening without human intervention.

There are so many neat wildlife creatures that we don't often see, or can't see due to their home of origin! So, here's your chance to check out these cool butterflies that look like they have glass wings.

This butterfly is called the Greta oto, or glasswing butterfly.

It's characterized by its transparent wings that look like glass.

Like jellyfish and other transparent aquatic life, the glasswing butterfly uses its clear wings for camouflaging from its predators.

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They are the only land animals that are transparent.

They aren't completely transparent, however.

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The outline of their wings almost looks like the pattern of a clownfish!

Glasswing butterflies are mainly found in southern countries like Mexico, Columbia, and Panama, but if you live in Florida, you may be lucky enough to spot them there!

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These butterflies are seriously too cool. I'd love to spot one some day!