33 "Hilarious" Problems That New Moms Can Resonate With

Everyone knows that becoming a mom is far from easy.

What people don't tell you is just how far, and I mean we're talking really far, from easy the reality of motherhood is. If you're a mom, just take a look at these photos and see if they strike a chord.

Constantly having to shop for diapers, wipes, and all the other baby products.

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No one prepares you for how much money you will spend on diapers.

Using the baby snot sucker.

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You cannot prepare yourself for sucking your child's snot out of their nose.

Trying to get them on the right track for growth.

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Moms are always looking to stay on pace with new milestones, like tummy time.

Trying to find time for working out.

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Every new mom wants to get their bodies back, but many struggle to find the time.

Having to clean poop out of the tub.


When they gotta go, they gotta go.

Always thinking about pumping and feeding.

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No matter what happens, you are always thinking about where/how you will feed.

Having your kitchen look like this, but having no idea how it happened.

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Who did this and who is going to clean this? Not us.

Just winging it all of the time

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Most of us have no idea what we're doing, just taking it as it comes.

Looking for moments to squeeze in a nap.

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When your baby naps, you nap. It's the only time you'll get some peace and quiet.

Getting absolutely no privacy in the bathroom.

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Where mommy goes, kids will follow — even if it's during a bathroom session.

Forgetting to do the simplest things.

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When we're so focused on our kids and doing 47 things at once, we forget the small stuff.

Trying to deal wth a full-on baby in public.

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Going out for drinks with the girls will never be the same.

The endless, endless laundry.

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It piles up faster than you will ever be able to handle.

Say hello to your new bag of essentials.

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It doesn't matter if you're just going to run errands for an hour. Get ready to bring along a suitcase of supplies everywhere you go.

Why is this so true?!

Instagram | @milkymamallc

I was not prepared for the amount of pressure and stress that came with cutting a baby's fingernails.

You can never have too many diapers.

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You may as well invest in a truck now to help you with your weekly diaper pick up. You're going to need it.

So many baby fluids.

Instagram | @muttsandmotherhood

Poop, spit-up, boogers... new moms touch these fluids a lot and honestly, it's hard to keep your own food down when you're dealing with it all.

Meet your new home.

Instagram | @scarymommy⁠

If you're one of those people who loves to decorate and has everything just so, you're going to need to get used to a different kind of "decor".

Not being able to really go out.

You have a new baby to take care of! It makes sense.

But when you do go out...

Instagram | @alyceoneword

To be honest, I support anyone going out in black leggings. It's so comfy!

Do moms ever get a break? Sadly, no.

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Most pumping and breastfeeding moms know that they can't stop, even when they're on vaycay. That means beach pumping is a thing.

Being tired takes on a whole new meaning.

Yeah, this is like a tired that transcends reality.

You're very careful with everything you do.

Instagram | @badparentingmoments

Which is a good thing, of course! But if you have another baby, you become a bit more chill.

Okay, a lot more chill.

They call those hazmat suits.

There's really no use wearing clothes you like.

Forget doing your hair.

To be honest, the messy look is in!

Everything becomes baby-fied.

And the beauty is that no one else knows.

I thought I was forgetting something...

Or a few things.

Hey, there's bigger fish to fry than putting on deodorant!

Why does it have to be like this?

Instagram | @badparentingmoments

This couldn't be more truthful!

Just utter chaos.

Instagram | @hotmessmomdiaries

No wonder moms are superheroes!

Discovering baby poop in obscure places.

Instagram l @mini_twinnies2019

You never realize that it got all over you while changing before it's too late.

Wearing those giant mom diapers.

Instagram l @melkpunt

No one tells you that you're also going to need diapers for yourself.

Diapers can only hold so much.

Instagram | @sopranosarahbass

The best is when this happens right before you need to go out somewhere... not!

If you're a breastfeeding mom, multitasking is the new normal.

Instagram | @morgan_michalowski

That baby is basically attached to your boob 24/7.

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