14+ Bizarre Things People Have Spotted On The Subway

The subway (or "metro"if you're European) can be a strange place. Anyone who's ever used it for their daily commute can attest to the fact that the experience is largely boring, punctuated with extreme weirdness.

Next level.

Reddit | MichaelRahmani

The subway's a great place to get some last-minute work done. Most of us make due without a proper desk or flat surface, but this guy is uncompromising. He brings the entire coffee table.

That's so Raven.

Reddit | bachus2015

Personally, I'm somehow not surprised by the fact that there's a raven on the subway, but rather the size of that raven. Am I the only one who was always operating under the belief this gothic winged creatures were way smaller?


Instagram | @subwaycreatures

Sure, you can tell yourself there's probably some dumb cosplay thing going on downtown. But you can never shake the thought that maybe, just maybe, you really did sit across from Iron Man.



"Psst, wanna buy a kitty?"

Incognito kitty is the stealthiest kitty. And the side-eye its owner is giving just makes this picture purrfect.

Total Scruffy move.

Reddit | Saadnation

Subway seating is never comfortable, but we just sorta have to deal with it. But Scruffy's not the kind of janitor who's willing to settle for anything less than the utmost comfort.


Reddit | dannyb1892

If this guy isn't earning a solid living as a Barack Obama body double, or at the very least a Barack Obama impersonator, he's wasting his natural talents.

I heard he eats cats.

Reddit | BatmanDelMercosur

Unless this is some kind of weird staged photo (if so...why?), I don't have any explanation for why ALF, the alien life form we thought we left in the '80s, is casually chilling on the metro platform.

Style recognizes style.

Reddit | SwedishChef727

The guy who posted this was convinced he ran into his younger, beardless self on the subway. I think it's more likely that they're two guys who are rocking the same shirt. Either way, I hope he passed on some sage wisdom.

If it fits...

Reddit | strangetitss

New York's subway system has some rules prohibiting larger dogs from riding. But if a dog can fit into a small bag, they're good to go. It isn't ideal, but these two make it work.

That's pushing it.

Reddit | LucasLarson

This commuter is trying to adhere to the same rules. But putting your dog in one of those gigantic Ikea bags and cutting leg holes in it to make it a dog poncho seems like it might be toeing the line.

Cheers to bubbly commutes!

Reddit | ClosingDownSummer

"A full bottle of wine rolled out from under a subway seat and then these 2 strangers popped it open and started drinking it. This is peak NYC."

Go go Power Rangers.

Reddit | Get9

The fact that a full crew of Power Rangers is riding the subway is noteworthy in and of itself. But I'm more intrigued by their identical pose. Do they just sit that way the whole time?

When Pikatchu gets a little snackish on the ride.

Reddit | FutureFormerRedditor

I guess if you go around saying you "gotta catch them all," then you really do gotta catch them all, even if they're on the subway with you.


Reddit | ishw

The person who posted this kindly blurred the faces of the random bystanders. None of them seem to be too concerned by the purple-haired demon calmly playing Clash of Clans.

Sock game on point.

Reddit | Rabus

One ankle's straight up invisible while one appears to give away the illusion. But does it show the edge of the leg or the edge of the shadow that's behind an invisible leg?

A highly specific kind of mascot.

Reddit | elsewhere1

We don't know where Tomatoman came from or where he's going. But let's hope a reunion with his fellow burger toppings is imminent, because he looks pretty lonely.

Next level meal-prep.

Reddit | sifarat

This girl clearly didn't have a second to spare, but I'm just concerned for her safety. And, of course, the safety of the deeply uncomfortable riders flanking her who probably don't love that she's using a knife on the subway.

Something's amiss.

Reddit | Loughiepop

This could be interpreted as a Photoshop attempt gone horribly wrong. But I think it's actually a case of not enough Photoshop. Someone behind the scenes clearly thought they could provide a little extra lift and go unnoticed.

Whatever floats your boat.

Reddit | elsewhere1

You're on your way to work; this guy's taking his flip flop for a walk. There's more than one path in life, and that's all that really matters.

Some people can sleep anywhere.

Reddit | echoch

This guy decided to set up his hammock on the subway. No jokes here, I'm just impressed at his ingenuity.

I have a few questions.

Reddit | crazeecatladee

Look, I appreciate the effort, but could this pup just be trained to...sit wherever instead? Bringing a rocking horse onto the train feels just a little bit elaborate, you know?

Thanks, I hate it.

Reddit | nitaXanaxx

My inner troll appreciates the person who apparently goes around leaving creepy dolls on the subway. But my inner coward hates them because I don't ever want to encounter this firsthand.

When there's a glitch in the Matrix.

Reddit | NcUltimate

What are the chances two men dressed identically would chose the same time to take a nap in the same position?

The perfect way to keep your personal space personal.

Instagram | @subwaycreatures

This girl was clearly fed up with people touching her on the subway, or even getting too close, so she constructed the ultimate "keep away" outfit.

Top of the morning.

Reddit | yumpop278

I love the fact that the hat graphic appears to be unconnected to any other sign or advertising. This leads me to the conclusion that it was put there specifically to make it look like riders are wearing silly hats.

We live in a society.

Instagram | @subwaycreatures

It might not match your Hollywood/Disney ideals, but this is what real life looks like. It isn't about Instagram stars and reality TV. It's about heartfelt apologies scrawled on pizza boxes aboard crowded subway cars.

When Monday comes a little too quickly.

Instagram | @annafine

This fancy gadget will keep your head up while you nap on the subway and nothing has even been so perfect, except perhaps the expression on the woman seated next to him who clearly wishes she had thought of the same thing.


Reddit | cxrry

Wearing the full Lederhosen getup might make you look like you belong at Oktoberfest. But it doesn't give you the necessary experience to drink like you belong at Oktoberfest.

This is just getting ridiculous.

Instagram | @subwaycreatures

The NYC subway thing has clearly gotten out of hand. We've got huskies in backpacks and nothing makes sense anymore. Let's give them their dignity back and let them ride like they used to.

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