12+ Teachers Who Nailed It With Their DIY Classrooms

Teachers are those special people who devote their lives to shaping young minds. I've had a few amazing teachers in my life and I appreciate all they did for me. So it's no surprise when teachers think outside the box even when it comes to decorating their classrooms.

Check out these amazing DIY classroom ideas that will definitely kick start your imagination.

1. Polka Dot


Why just have a boring reading couch in your classroom when you can set up this awesome polka dot one that everyone will want to jump on.

2. Tire Seats

Hanging With Mrs. Hulsey

And speaking of creating a cool seating area, why not put those old tires to good use? How fun and cool are these funky tire seats?

3. Clean And Tidy


Keeping a classroom clean and tidy is every teacher's goal but that doesn't mean it has to be boring and stuffy. This one is so cool.

4. Bright And Clean


I'm loving how bright and super organized this classroom is and it also looks very inviting. I can just see kids running around here.

5. Inspirational Space

Instagram | @miss5th

Teachers are always inspiring the kids they teach and this super cool space is definitely right on the money here. I'm loving all the inspirational messages.

6. No Boredom Here


Who says a teacher has to have just a boring desk to sit at? There's no boring desk here. I'm loving all the personal touches.

7. Jungle Theme


Kids love animals so how fitting is this jungle-themed classroom? Looks like a good place to keep a bunch of wild ones under control. He, he.

8. Festive Classroom


Wow, studying in this classroom seems like a festive party, doesn't it? I bet the kids love coming to this space. Wouldn't you? I totally would.

9. Color Me Happy


Colors can set the right mood for any place and it's also true for a classroom situation. How zen is the vibe in this space?

10. Decor On Point


Wow, I've never gone to any schools that even resembled something like this. How much fun would it be to learn in this space?

11. Organized Space

Learning In Wonderland

The biggest challenge of a teacher's day is to keep everything well organized. It looks like this place has it all worked out well in advance.

12. Fun Times


I think learning should be both educational and fun. And I think this space definitely incorporates both of these ideas. I would love to learn here.

13. Excited To Learn


A great teacher will make kids feel welcome when they step foot into their classroom. This teacher looks like she had fun designing this adorable board.

I don't remember any of my classrooms being as awesome as any of these.

I bet it would have made studying a heck of a lot more fun. Oh yeah!