10+ Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From 'Love Island'

Saumya Sharma
The 'Love Island' title card with 'Unseen Bits' underneath.

Love Island is one of the most addictive reality shows of all time, but there's a lot you may not have known about the way things work behind the scenes. Sure, we all know the goal of the show is to "couple up" and outlast the other couples until the end, but did you know how they make all of it happen?

The contestants get dinner delivered to them.

A Love Island contestant eating a banana and an apple.

Ever wonder why we never see them eating dinner? It's because it's the one meal a day they don't have to make for themselves. Caterers deliver full meals to them.

'Love Island's' Casa Amor is open to renters.

A group of shirtless men walking together over the Love Island logo.

This 'secret' second villa is used to split up contestants and test their relationships. And can be rented out for a whopping £4,572 - £8,128 per week. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a summer vacation you'll definitely remember.

All the islanders are given matching customized water bottles.

Curtis Pritchard from Love Island next to his water bottle with his name on it.

This is to combat dehydration among the cast. However, Love Island's signature font hasn't been so flattering for Curtis Pritchard's — if the bottle said what it looked like it said, we wouldn't be able to show you a picture.

The contestants get given phones.

A Love Island contestant checking her phone.

This one makes sense, but still somehow shocked me. They each get a phone from production. It's not actually a connection to the outside world. It can only be used to take selfies and text their fellow contestants, so no tweeting, 'gramming, or downloading Tinder.

The Islanders have to pack 8 whole weeks of clothes.

A group of female Love Island contestants holding hands.

All they can wear is what they or others packed with them. Occasionally sponsors will send them items such as bikinis, but otherwise, it's up to them.

Producers keep an eye on how much contestants drink each day.

A group of Love Island contestants sharing a couple drinks.

They've confirmed that there's not an official limit but do try to keep the cast on their feet. I do this for my friends on nights out too.

'Love Island' provide the Islanders with branded condoms.

The Love Island logo, featuring a heart on the beach filled with gold.

Over 200 condoms sporting the iconic Love Island's logo are distributed to Islanders for their stay. I wonder if they get to keep any as mementos!

Contestants are banned from... 'entertaining' themselves.

A Love Island contestant pulling an exaggerated frown.

If you were thinking of auditioning for Love Island this rule claiming "a ban on masturbation, a ban on full nudity and restrictions in place should an Islander engage in sex with someone who is drunk," may give you second thoughts.

The Islanders salary is much less than you think.

A group of Love Island contestants looking displeased.

They may be getting anywhere between £200 and £250 per week. But considering they're technically working 24 hours a day it's not that much — for most contestants, the real money will come after the show for influencer work.

There are some taboo conversations topics.

Two Love Island contestants with their arms around each other.

Conversations that mention brands and songs are banned. Any conversations involving slurs and other offensive language are also banned — but hopefully that one goes without saying.

The challenges are recorded over and over.

A group of Love Island contestants standing in front of round, plush horses.

They may be fun to watch but for the Islanders faking enthusiasm for multiple takes can get tiring.

Distractions are banned so the Islanders can focus on the drama.

Two Love Island contestants engaged in conversation.

Some may hold preconceptions that the Love Island contestants aren't book smart. But books are actually banned for them. No light reading while in the Villa!

Contestants get wake up calls from producers.

A group of female Love Island contestants all sitting on their beds or under the covers.

They will use voiceovers from the tannoys and turn on the lights to wake them up. Sleeping later than 9:30 doesn't exactly make for great reality TV so... the early bird will get the worm!

Islanders can get haircuts and manicures off camera.

A Love Island contestant posing in front of a colorful screen.

It might ruin the magic of their supposed isolation but it's true that stylists enter the villa to treat the Islanders.

Their meals must be pretty boring.

Love Island contestants eating at a table together.

The contestants are rarely filmed eating due to the gross noises, so producers encourage them to keep the conversations to a minimum so there are no missed opportunities. I hope they like eating in silence!