Peeps Is Dropping New Marshmallow Spooky Cats Just In Time For Halloween

I know we're all pretty set on enjoying summer while it's still here, and we don't exactly feel like focusing on the disgustingly cold weather months just yet.

But as temperatures continue to climb higher and higher and higher, allowing ourselves a brief moment to reflect on those crisp, autumn days ahead of us might give us just the respite we need from this unrelenting heat. If only for a little while, anyway.

And what better fall day to think about than Halloween?

Specifically, Halloween candy, and this year our candy company pals have come up with some fantastic new themed treats!

Unsplash | Dane Deaner

According to Bustle, the folks over at the marshmallow candy giant, Peeps, have started the Halloween party early and have announced four new Halloween-themed flavors that will hit store shelves in fall 2019.

You may know them best for their classic Easter-themed Peeps candy, but don't go thinking they don't know how to do spooky holidays, too.

The company never skimps on decking out their deliciously gooey candies with colorful designs, and they definitely aren't slacking for Halloween, either. These new treats are adorable, vibrant, and definitely yummy!

So what new shapes can we expect to dine on this fall?


The four new Peeps include Marshmallow Spooky Cats, which the company describes as being "both spooky and sweet ⁠— just be sure to eat one before it crosses your path."

Also included in the new roll-out are Marshmallow Monsters (think: a fluorescent green Frankenstein), Marshmallow Ghosts, and of course, Marshmallow Pumpkins, complete with adorably tiny jack-o-lantern faces.

Each new edition of Peeps will come in its own 24-pack and cost about $1.50.


The company is encouraging people to hand them out for trick-or-treaters, but have also offered up some tasty new recipes that you can make using the treats to turn your Halloween party into a tasty bash!

Expect to these fun new Peeps hit grocery store shelves around late summer/early fall, right when the seasonal products start popping up everywhere!

h/t: Bustle

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