'Lucifer' Season 5 Has Been Given An Extension For Six More Episodes

Lucifer is getting one final season to rock our world, which breaks our heart.

But good news! Instead of getting 10 episodes for the final season, we'll be getting 16!

It's a good day!

Netflix made the announcement.

And the news was VERY well received by fans of the show.

It's a good day for TV lovers.

It's still not quite as long as the original season.

Which aired on FOX for the first three seasons, but it's still better than ten episodes!

And at least we're getting more episodes than we talked about!

We can't win them all, but we won this round everyone!

So give a big thank you to Netflix!

Are you excited for the new season?

I can't wait to watch it! I wonder what will happen and how it'll all end.

Let us know in the comments!