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15+ People Who Probably Want To Just Go Back To Bed

Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you, or so the saying sort of goes. But the bear can't get you if you don't get out of bed, right? In theory?

I know I've had those days where nothing seems to go right, and I realize I should have taken the first hint of doom and just gone back to the comfy confines of bed. Something tells me these folks feel the same way.

A driver took their car to the shop to get some work done and had to leave it overnight.

Reddit | cyoderm

The mechanics parked it outside and, like magic, all four wheels disappeared before sunrise, replaced with cinder blocks. Not an improvement at all.

It's never fun to find out the hard way that you get what you pay for.

Reddit | Kurufinwe

Even before the toppings stayed behind with the packaging, this pizza must have looked pretty sad.

What do you do when even your Band-Aids need Band-Aids?

Reddit | Whyamistillreading

Just pack it in, curl up in a ball on the floor and bleed?

This should be your first sign.

Reddit | CallTheOptimist

If the even coffee isn't on your side and explodes over a difficult to clean surface, things can only get better — unless they get worse.

This tragedy required only three ingredients.

Reddit | Pliny_the_middle

A cat, a Roomba, and some paint. Presto! Wonder how the person who owns this house feels about painting the floors white.

It's bad enough to find your car torched like this.

Reddit | becclouise96

And it's just salt in the wound that it's a fire and rescue car, too.

Snack betrayal is the worst.

Reddit | MetalWing

It's one thing for bread to land buttered side down on the floor, and another thing entirely for your clumsiness to set you up for a long, very careful cleaning session, or a new laptop entirely.

I bet the whole MRI team just wanted to shrink into oblivion after this.

Reddit | Import

Here's hoping they only have to repair the wheelchair left too close and not the machine itself.

Not what you want to see when you've received assurances that it was safe to dig there.

Reddit | Mr_Supersonic52

Thankfully the wires turned out to be from an abandoned line, but wow would that ever get your heart rate up.

That's going to be a clean-up job and a half.


I don't even know how a ceiling collapses like that, especially without some indication that it might happen.

Guaranteed if your new one-piece sink/counter top is going to explode on its own, it will do it in the middle of the night.

Reddit | thetattoodguy

You know, so it can wake you out of a peaceful slumber like a war just broke out.

Apparently, somebody dropped their phone while running on a treadmill.

Reddit | Cohiba-Stevie

It managed to fall into a gap and get sucked into the belt underneath. That's an expensive gym membership right there!

Just when this person thought their phone was safely encased, this happened.

Reddit | eapar002

The one weak point! Wouldn't you know it.

Usually, it's the cord that fails.

Reddit | Nogeria

But even with a frayed cord you can still charge your phone. Not so much with this, and no clever lifehack to get around it, either.

If only there was some way for the delivery person to know that they shouldn't bend the diploma someone spent four years earning.

Reddit | IllegalToast

You'd want to order a new one, but then you run into the exact same issue, too.

Well, this is a rough way to find out you have an allergy.

Reddit | fbholyclock

At least it happened in a hospital, but still awfully uncomfortable.

This person found the missing push pin from the box they had dropped the day before.

Reddit | Logixally

In my experience, this is also the surest way to find dropped Legos and rogue needles.

Some birds decided that this person's window screen would make excellent nesting material.

Reddit | [deleted]

And of course it's a second-floor window, where it's going to be even more of a pain to replace.

This girl got a little more than she bargained for with her leggings.

Reddit | celaeneo

Specifically, she got a sun tan where you can make out that her leggings were made by Adidas.

So, this person's neighbor's house exploded.

Reddit | nerf_herder1986

And obviously the neighbor is having the worse night. Not much you can do about that. Thankfully nobody died in the explosion.