'90s Kids Rejoice Because Disney's 'Recess' Is Getting A Live-Action Remake

Disney's Recess is getting the live-action treatment!

And although we often moan about the reboots and revivals that have been happening lately, this one, we can all be happy about.

Jerome Yoo and Kent Donguines are the Vancouver filmmakers that we have to thank for this!


Send them letters and gifts, pronto!

The original show was full of laughs and childhood lessons.


And we're sure we'll get many of those same lessons.


It will be a different kind of show than we remember!


It will be a "live-action, re-imagining of the gang in a high school setting tackling current issues like love, peer pressure, social media, identity, etc."

Will you be watching it?

I know I will!

Let us know in the comments whether or not you'll be tuning in!