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‘Snowballs’ Freezable Fertility Boxers Are Here To Keep The Boys Extra Cool

Let's talk about ice packs for your testicles.

There's literally no point in dancing around this 'cause by the end of our talk, you'll understand that if you're a dude, you want these in your possession.

Snowballs are cooling underwear for men, sold as a unit of pocketed boxers with specially shaped ice packs to place over top of your junk.

There are two pretty different reasons why you need these.

Amazon | Snowballs

At first glance, it's easy to see why Snowballs would be fantastic to help fend off infamous summer sweat.

However, their main use is actually a lot more health conscious: they're designed to increase fertility.

"Snowballs is an inexpensive, scientifically proven, patent-pending natural fertility solution for men attempting to conceive, as well as all men who simply wish to practice the cooling arts," the product description reads.

"Testicular cooling has been shown to increase sperm count."

Amazon | Snowballs

"We've created a comfortable, organic product that will keep you cool and help you succeed naturally before investing thousands of dollars in other risky, more invasive solutions," the description continues. "We'll also provide you with an extensive guide on how you can increase your chances at becoming a natural dad."

Packs are available on Amazon for under $30.

Amazon | Snowballs

Each Snowballs pack comes with two pairs of boxers (available in 5 different sizes and a variety of colors), and three cooling pads that are beneficial no matter what you're using them for.

Save your summer (and your bloodline I guess?) with Snowballs boxers.

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