12+ Moms Who Improvised On The Spot

We already knew that moms were creative geniuses, but these photos just reinforce the idea. When times got tough, these moms used the resources the hard around them to come up with some on-the-fly mom hacks.

This mom who made chip clips with an old hanger.

Instagram l @lindsay_head

If you're ever running low, grab an old skirt hanger to keep your chips fresh.

This mom who came up with a way to cool fries for her kids.

Instagram l @queeniesue_85

Instead of letting the kids burn their mouths, run the AC on the fries.

This mom who wanted to relax on the lake but not get wet.

Instagram l @ashleet88

She put her chair on a float and just hung out all day long — and stayed dry!

This mom who used a spare diaper to save her hands from getting cold and wet.

Instagram l @jazmin_bree

Who wants cold hands while driving? Not us.

This mom who superglued her daughter's doll's shoes on.

Instagram l @okcmomsblog

Now, she won't step on little barbie shoes or lose them all over the house.

This mom who used an old sock to keep her wrapping paper neat.

Instagram l @craftysavvymom

No more frayed edges that you have to cut off and throw away.

This mom who makes her ice cubes for her iced coffee out of actual coffee.

Instagram l @craftysavvymom

Now, her iced coffee won't get watered down so easily.

This mom who separates her breastmilk using old soda cartons.

Instagram l @classcrasher

What a great way to organize and store everything in a simple way.

This mom who didn't want to walk the dog, so let her kids do it.

This mom who used a popsicle holder to keep her daughter's burrito together.

Instagram l @fit_happy_momma

Save yourself time and a whole mess by keeping that burrito in one piece.

This mom who used her kid's toys to get the groceries in all at once.

Instagram l @momofa_t1d

No need for several trips when you can use the overpriced wagon your kids hardly every play with anymore.

This mom who found the easiest way to move furniture.

Instagram l @momma2beans

Don't hurt your back carrying the heavy table when you can easily wheel it!

This mom who put panty-lines on her kids feet to sweep the floor.

Instagram l @marriageandmartinis

What a way to save yourself a chore.

This mom who found a way to get her daughter to nap while shopping.

Instagram l @natalitx

No need for screaming and crying, just make her comfortable on the go.

This mom who found a way to dry her jeans without a dryer.

Instagram l @mary_k_o

Who needs a dryer when you have a vent, heat, and a hanger?