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Disturbing Video Shows Meat On Plate Start Moving And Crawling Off Table

A viral video showing meat on a diner's plate twitching and flopping and crawling off the table has people's stomachs churning even as they share it around social media.

I, like most people, like my food one way: dead.

This isn't a controversial opinion. I'm not up for hunting my damn dinner like a lion and feeling it twitch between each bite.

No. Flippin'. Thanks.

Certain delicacies are served VERY very fresh these days.

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If you order fresh lobster at a restaurant for example, they are likely preparing it from a tank of live lobsters located right on site.

To be fair, lobster is usually cooked enough that you don't have to see it move as you eat it, but it's still a very short period of time between life and plate.

The last thing anyone expects to see in a restaurant is their entree getting up and walking away.

Facebook | Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

And yet, that's exactly what one diner had to suffer through — and in the age of social media users pointing cameras at their meals, the surprising and disturbing scene was caught on video.

Details on the video are in short supply, unfortunately.

Facebook | Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Rie Prettyredbone Phillips, contains no clues as to when or where it was recorded. It's not even clear what kind of meat is involved, although many have speculated that it's frog.

That's a big NO THANKS from me folks.

Sometimes food is served a little under or over cooked. Sometimes you may even find a stray hair in it, which is pretty gross, but understandable.

But having your food literally try to walk off your plate? Not alright.

The meat also didn't just move slightly either.

It jumps onto the floor. You know when people have these 'aha' moments in which they suddenly decide that they're never going to eat meat again? This is mine.

This isn't the first time this kind of thing has been caught on film.

This squid once felt the need to inform dinner-goers that it was VERY MUCH ALIVE and was not chill with being eaten at that moment.

What is clear is that the diner who was served the meat is horrified.

Facebook | Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

At the end of the short clip, you can make out a clear and perfectly understandable scream as the meat jumps off the plate and table, and onto the floor.

Some have suggested that the video is faked, and that the meat was pulled off the table by a string.

Facebook | Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

However, that doesn't account for the muscle spasms and contractions that are clearly on display. Others suggested that the meat was "so fresh because some of the muscles are still firing off signals."

There is a known phenomenon involving frogs' legs twitching.

Adding salt to freshly skinned frogs' legs can make them twitch and dance — some cells will still have enough energy left to contract, and they will confuse the salt for signals from the brain that they should contract, and so they start jumping.

Mind you, even though there might be a rational, scientific explanation, a fancy dinner out is not the time for a gruesome surprise science experiment.

Facebook | Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

Watch the video and see for yourself — if it was indeed faked, it's some pretty great fakery to get the meat to roll around like that, don't you think?

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