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American Eagle Recruits Models With Disabilities For Diverse Ad Campaign

When was the last time you looked at major ad campaign and said to yourself, "Yup that's me there"? That doesn't happen very often, does it?

Well, American Eagle did a campaign that showcases women of all shapes and sizes including those with disabilities. And to top it off the pictures were also Photoshop-free. Check it out for yourself.

One of their models, Emily, is a high-spirited high school junior who has been part of Special Olympics for seven years.

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Her smile is infectious and she loves cat videos.

Jess has been involved with Special Olympics for about 17 years now and she credits the organization for all the wonderful and great friends she's made throughout the years.

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Catch her sporting a number of athletic pieces from the brand's Aerie collection.

Although Dee has struggled with her ability to walk most of her life.

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It never stopped her from being able to complete her first kids' marathon two years ago.

Chelsea has won the Special Olympics US National Championships a total of four times and is even a two-time world gymnast champion.

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She first appeared in an American Eagle's bra photoshoot.

Hanna is a recent high school graduate who has discovered she had a passion for running and joined the Special Olympics.

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She joined other athletes in the #AerieREAL photoshoot.

The American Eagle's Aerie line did a full day #AerieREAL photoshoot in honor of Global Week of Inclusion featuring Special Olympics athletes with a variety of disabilities.

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I personally love this campaign!

Daijah is another Special Olympics athlete who's awesome at bocce.

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She is now learning other sports. Daijah's motto is, "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

Kaitlyn has been part of Special Olympics since the tender age of two.

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Her passion is to compete in unified bocce, basketball and summer sports. She also loves to dance.

Brenna Huckaby is another Aerie role model who's a Paralympic medalist.

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She lost her leg to cancer but that didn't stop her from being a snowboarding champion three times.

Besides featuring models with disabilities, American Eagle has also recruited inspiring female leaders.

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Aly Raisman is one of Aerie's #AerieReal role models since 2018. She's been vocal about speaking out against sexual abuse and encouraging others to do so as well.

Iskra, another one of Aerie's role models is a champion of self-love and has been challenging the modeling industry to become more inclusive of people of all shapes and sizes.

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She's opened up about her past struggles with eating disorders.

Jenna Kutcher is an entrepreneur, podcaster and a bonafide girl-next-door who always keeps it real.

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And very fittingly she's now an official #AerieReal role model too.

Molly Burke hasn't let her blindness stop her from being a successful YouTuber and motivational speaker.

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She shares personal stories, health and beauty tips and speaks out against bullying.

These ladies are truly inspiring and show us that your looks, your size, or whether you have a disability shouldn't stop you from succeeding in life as they did.

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We're all different and should embrace that!

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