10+ Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You May Not Have Known About 'Queer Eye'

Netflix's Queer Eye has caught the eye of audiences around the world.

Their unique make better show helps their 'heroes' live their fullest lives and has everyone on the edge of their seats during final reveals.

That said there are many things going on behind-the-scenes that fans may not know.

'Queer Eye' is actually a revival.


Many fans of the reboot will be unfamiliar with its predecessors Queer Eye For The Straight Guy or Queer Eye For The Straight Girl.

The Jones' BBQ Sauce was a huge hit!


The Jones sisters gained the confidence they needed to finally bottle their already famous BBQ sauce on Queer Eye.

They've now sold over 11,000 bottles!!

Even Robert from 'When Robert Met Jamie' came along to congratulate them!

Their encounter was brief but clearly heartfelt.

It's wonderful seeing the extended Queer Eye family spreading their love to one another.

Who is Bruley's mommy?

It's Michelle Silva, one of the show's producers.

And he even has his own Instagram account!! How cute is that!!

Bobby actually designed their new workstations!


The Fab Five Loft is gorgeous and functional.

It's amazingly designed. It really is a wonder that more of us didn't pick up that Bobby was involved.

There are some fingers crossed for some crossovers.


After a super successful Nailed It crossover, a Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is the next hopeful one!

That would be so cool!

Karamo helped pave the way for reality gay TV.

While starring on MTV's The Real World: Philadelphia in 2004 he became the first out gay black man on reality TV.

He is also the first black member of the fab five!


To continue the trend of inclusion and diversity in Queer Eye he required in his contract that more gay black crew members were also hired.

JVN can change a tire in five minutes!


He's Too Powerful Y'all.

Literally, is there anything he can't do? Besides driving safe enough for Tan's standards?

Antoni Porowski is 'Queer Eye' royalty.


He was the protege of Ted Allen, the original Queer Eye's Foodie.

Allen has since defended Antoni's cooking skills in order to shut down rumors that he only got the job due to his connections.

AJ got married!!!


The Fab Five helped him come out to his step-mom about his sexuality and his long term secret relationship.

He and his partner Andre tied the knot in 2018!!

AJ sold what???


Fans may be disappointed to learn that AJ actually sold the beautiful apartment the Fab Five refurbished for him.

But seeing as he did it to move in with his husband I think we'll forgive him.

Season 1's prank was staged!


Turns out Karamo getting pulled over by police was a scripted stunt that he had no idea about.

This almost caused Tan to quit the show.

Tan wasn't hopeful


Queer Eye producers reached out through social media asking him to audition.

He did not think he was going to be cast and only auditioned to "make some gay friends."

They don't get to pick their heroes.


They have no control over who they get to makeover each week.

According to Tan this is part of what makes Queer Eye so authentic.