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10+ Celebs To Look At To Up Your Fashion Game

It happens to all of us. At some point we all get bored of wearing the same old things every single day and we start to feel like its time to give ourselves a new look.

The only problem is, it can be hard to know where to even begin or better yet, where to even draw inspiration from.

To help you get started, we've rounded up over 10 of the most stylish celebs you should study to help you upgrade your fashion game.


You know we couldn't have a celeb style story without including the queen of style herself, Rihanna.

If you're looking to be more daring with your fashion choices then RiRi is your go-to bad gal for the inspiration you need.

Plus, now that her new Fenty fashion line is here, you can get the same hot looks that Rihanna wears.

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively knows a thing or two about dressing well.

Check out her latest outfits for looks that will inspire you to take your classics to a whole new level.

Victoria Beckham

If there's one thing you should know, it's that Victoria Beckham has been casually killing the fashion game for ages now.

The former Spice Girl even has her own line of clothing so you can get your hands on some of the fab pieces you see her wearing.

Bella Hadid

Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, Bella Hadid has excellent taste in fashion.

If you live for a '90s aesthetic, Bella has the look mastered with her tiny dark shades and effortless throwback outfits.


Like Rihanna, Beyonce can seem to do no wrong when it comes to fashion.

I mean, I'm pretty sure either one could wear a paper bag and get away with it.

Still, Bey is an excellent source of style inspiration with her ability to elevate staple outfits with a few styling tricks.

Meghan Markle

Say what you will but the Duchess of Sussex has serious style.

Since becoming a part of the royal family, Markle's style is a little bit more conservative than it once was but her sense of style remains unchanged.

Constance Wu

This actress' impeccable style doesn't just end at her role in Crazy Rich Asians.

In fact, Constance Wu's off-screen looks are so fierce that I'm beginning to wonder if her film wardrobe was inspired by her IRL closet.

Dua Lipa

You'll have a tough time trying to pin down this celeb's style because her looks are constantly changing.

No matter what look she's rocking though, Dua Lipa's style is always covet-worthy.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Women everywhere have been fawning over SJP's style since the first episode of Sex and The City aired on TV years ago.

Now, years after the show ended and not much has changed. Your girl still has the art of pairing simple clothing with a great pump mastered.

Jennifer Lopez

She's got the body, the beauty and of course, she has crazy good taste in fashion.

Take a page out of JLo's style book if you're looking to give your wardrobe a much-needed wow factor.

Celine Dion

In case you haven't heard yet, Celine Dion has been out here serving the girls nothing but looks!

If there's anything you'll learn from watching this legend's style is that you should never be afraid to be a little extra and that no matter what age you are, ALWAYS have fun with fashion.

Kendall Jenner

We live for Kendall's off-duty street style.

Everything she does is a hard fashion-yes moment.


If you thought you were a stan for Ciara's dancing ability, wait till you see her wardrobe.


Whether she's simply out and about or hitting the red carpet, you can count on Zendaya to do it all while like bomb AF.

Ashley Graham

We love a body-positive queen and supermodel Ashley Graham is just that.

A quick scroll through her Instagram page is all the evidence you need that curvy girls are here to slay.

Rowan Blanchard

Old Hollywood glam mixed with a hint of avant-garde playfulness is the best way to describe Rowan's style.

Follow her style if your summer goal is to add more color to your wardrobe.