16+ Things That Required A Lot More Thought Than Someone Realized

It's important to put thought into everything you do, whether that thing is big or little.

It's not like you need to fret over something for days. You just need to do a little better than these designers.

When you book a room at a carnival funhouse.

Reddit | 5am281

I've seen swanky bathroom mirrors with built-in shaving magnifiers and I've seen mirrors with heated, fog-proof sections.

But a mirror that makes you look like some kind of bullet-headed gremlin is new to me.

Close enough.

Reddit | ii_Tygerty

I thought game controllers were almost universal in their design, but this is clear evidence that someone, somewhere, thinks the d-pad belongs smack dab in the middle of the controller.

Instructions unclear.

Reddit | james_pawned

Gratitude is good and all, and I understand why a devoted gym-goer might thank their gym for helping them get in shape.

It's just a little tough to know what to do with the "hit yourself" advice.

Every unlock is an adventure.

Reddit | TurkMcGill

Unless you've been sober every single time you've unlocked your front door, you've probably dropped your keys once or twice.

If you want to train yourself out of making these mistakes, here's a trial by fire.


Reddit | BeanBall2077

It's always interesting to do a quick poll to see what the community thinks of a given issue.

This issue is a tad boring, to begin with, but the results are clear: which should cost less? Yes, of course.

That future might be short.

Reddit | box_cardinal_peanut

I think I know what they're going for with this grad keepsake — maybe something about staying on the right track, or whatever.

Or maybe it's about going toward the light.

One word makes all the difference.

Reddit | Bl0rgasmorg

Not that I've ever designed a hoodie or anything, but it seems kind of imperative not to hide crucial contextual information in an area that'll be frequently covered by the hood.


Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

Security gates, with pin-enabled access, seem pretty foolproof.

The only way you could mess one up would be to make a gate that's literally a convenient ladder...but who would ever design something like that?

The butter's feeling a little blue.

Reddit | FannyPackPrincess

This butter dish, with its handy-dandy measurement markings, looks pretty much perfect for its task.

It's just too bad that the one substance capable of dissolving the markings is...butter.

That'll wake you up.

Reddit | CosmeBuzzanito

A hot cup of joe will really get you going in the morning, but you know what'll wake you up even faster?

A hot cup of joe combined with a double poke in the eye.

When you're really into CSI.

Reddit | CptDobey

Why on earth would you choose a floor pattern that looks like somebody dragged a bloody corpse through the hallways?

And if you must choose that pattern, surely a hospital isn't the best place for it.


Reddit | nollsgame80

It's pretty exciting to open a bill and find that they've applied a discount to your account.

Sometimes, in Verizon's world at least, the discount is actually...well, not a discount at all, really.

Sweet dreams.

Reddit | AlexKiri

Most kids will probably use a night light at some point.

Since it's a beacon of light in the darkness, it's important to make them friendly and accessible looking. They tried with this one, they really did.

There's just one downside.

Reddit | Joe__Soap

These wipes are fresh! They make toilets sparkle! They're totally flushable!

They...are apparently deadly weapons once you do flush them and they make their way into waterways. The news was all good until that factoid.

At least they tried.

Reddit | deardevon

The "tacocat spelled backwards is tacocat" meme is mildly entertaining, so it makes sense that merchandisers would want to utilize it for their goods.

They just might want to figure out what a palindrome actually is next time.

Cubic cat.

Reddit | -Dave_SUCC-

Either this is an example of unfortunate design, or it's intended for a small subset of the population that's really into cats and simultaneously really into the world of Minecraft as well.

A bit bumpy.

Reddit | Pteti

Roads, when they're designed well, have a way of smoothing out the contours of the terrain to ensure an easy ride.

The motorway here does a good job. The bike path, on the other hand, needs to go back to the drawing board.

Your chances of winning a prize from this claw machine are PRETTY slim.

Reddit | dongle46

That's because the prizes are stapled to a wooden base, so it is literally impossible to pull them out.

Fake pockets are the bane of any woman's existence.

Reddit | moremister

You take the time to create pocket seams, but then don't put actual pockets? What is this sorcery?

If only we had some pillows.

Reddit | starz4meoryou

Lucky for us, this hotel waiting room has the illusion of pillows. It's the thought that counts, right?

It turns out that the Mega Stacked Pringles aren't all they're stacked up to be.

Reddit | theflooryouknow

They have the exact same amount of chips as a regular Pringles can, just, uh, more can.

I mean, at least you won't have to water it?

Reddit | themostest

Though gluing fake flowers to cacti probably isn't the most ethical of business practices.

What you dad.

Reddit | shaggythicc

Mantras are a good way to practice mindfulness and appreciate what you have in the world.

If you need a reminder, maybe buy a shirt to make sure that you appreciate what you what/what you dad.

When you don't know your own strength.

Reddit | Darkdreams28

This space heater clearly does a good job.

It's so good at its job, in fact, that it highlights the mistake the designers made in assuming the plastic they used was heat-proof.

At least you can put your feet up.

Reddit | carrotlovernomnomnom

This kind of seat is often the best place to sit when you're flying economy.

But a movie theater is not an airplane, and a giant screen-blocking wall is less than ideal.