Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Tom Hanks As Mr. Rogers And The Reactions Are Amazing

Alright, alright, alright, let's take a look at the header picture here...

Wow, he looks amazing. This is definitely going to be made into a real thing, right? Please don't tease us, Hollywood!

Tom Hanks.


America's sweetheart (behind maybe Keanu Reeves) is going to be playing America's Sweetheart from the past, Mr. Rogers.

Has there even been someone more perfectly cast in the history of film?



It seems that Twitter agrees with me, so let's push all of my opinions aside for a moment and look at what the people have to say.

Without further ado, here are Twitter's best reactions to the Tom Hanks casting.

Come on, who wouldn't be acting like this when they heard that the legendary Tom Hanks was going to be playing Mr. Rogers?

And he looks totally unbelievable to boot!


I mean, it totally could've worked don't get me wrong, but I feel like people are looking for a more wholesome experience.

Not that Eddie Murphy can't be wholesome, it's just... Tom Hanks, man.

I think that maybe he's one of The Eternals?

Or maybe he makes an appearance in the upcoming Dr. Strange movie... I'm not sure, but I'm certain it'll make a billion dollars.

This is another trailer...

Obviously, it's a joke from the always funny Jimmy Fallon (or at least his social media team) and it's great to have a retrospective on Tom Hanks' career all at once.


It looks like Mr. Rogers already made an appearance in one of Tom Hanks' movies, titled The Burbs.

Well, well, well, it looks like it was destiny for him to play the iconic children's TV show host!

Ahh, this role.

The role that finally won Tom Hanks his first Oscar and the one that shocked the world forever.

We all remember where we were the first time we saw that episode of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.

Wait a minute that's not Tom Hanks at all!

That's Joaquin Phoenix from that new Joker movie! No, no, no!

None of this is adding up! Plus, don't ruin that image for me, Twitter user!

Gosh... imagine meeting either of them in real life?

I think it would immediately make anyone burst out into tears, not just you, Michael Scott. Not just you.


I mean, it's kind of hard to believe someone as wholesome sounding (and looking, for that matter) as Tom Hanks playing a villain.

Maybe you could count Woody from the first Toy Story, in some small way.

Once you watch the movie, Twitter user, you will feel the power of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.

Tears will stream from your face, I can guarantee it, my friend.

I had no idea this was still a meme.

Unless it's one of those corporations trying to relate to kids with a dead meme... no, it couldn't be.

That hardly ever happens!

Here's the first trailer...

And... and it's... and it's just so gosh darn wholesome! I'm sorry I'm stuttering I'm just choking up from all the wholesomeness!

It's like ten puppies and ten babies feeding each other wrapped into one!

What do you think?


Do you think he's going to absolutely nail it?

Or... you know what, I'm not even going to finish that sentence, because we all know Tom Hanks is going to nail it.