8+ Husbands Share Hilarious Moments While Living With A Pregnant Wife

Husbands get to experience pregnancy second-hand. Sure, they don't get the cravings or the mood swings, or the aches and pains, but in a way, they go through it, too. These husbands decided to share their observations about pregnancy and shared those LOL moments about their wives' pregnancies with us.

Chips and dip over everything.

Twitter l @Nlbolt099

Clearly, there is nothing more important than snacks during pregnancy.

Priorities, sir.

Twitter l @MrSpencer0817

Sometimes we need a little bit of help.

Demanding, but smart.

Twitter l @aspen_writes

The first thing we need in the morning is obviously pie.

Hormones... just hormones.

Twitter | @dearpreggywife

We know a pregnant woman's mood swings more often than a swing set.

So romantic, first thing in the morning.

Twitter l @ChrisnoBritton

Trying to avoid that morning sickness at all costs.

You can look, but don't touch.

Twitter l @FrothyDad

Just because they're there doesn't mean it's an open invite.

Gotta keep it clean.

Twitter l @SteveMalley1

At least she's organized!

Don't even try it, buddy.

Twitter l @TheLensLife

You will probably lose an arm. Or a finger. Just don't try it.

Cravings on cravings.

Twitter l @PrestonHocker

At least they're healthy cravings this time around.

Don't mess with our shopping experience.

Twitter l @corymyta

She just wanted candles! Smelly, beautiful candles!

She said what she said, don't mess it up.

Twitter l @mike_dory

Don't make her say it twice. Find her the dang croissant!

You can never have enough.

Twitter l @Texans_for_tide

If your pregnant wife wants pickles, make sure you'll never run out.

We think of the bigger picture.

Twitter l @phero1190

We know the food's going to be gone, and it makes us sad knowing it's not "never ending."

Don't judge us!

Twitter l @CoachGallucci

Clearly, we have no inhibitions when it comes to chocolate cake while a baby is inside of us. Don't judge.

Send immediate help.

This wife needed an extra hand from her hubby.

Sometimes, you gotta help them do their toes.

She can't reach, it's the least you can do.

He wins.

Big time!

It's the little things that matter.

Twitter l @JasonDickerson0

A man who will get Oreos for his pregnant wife is a champion.

Going straight for the container, no bowls.

And, only wanting the flavor we want.

True love is helping your wife put her shoes on.

Pregnancy makes it hard.

Stocking up on every single cereal your wife wants.

Cravings on cravings on cravings.

Commitment level = 100.

Twitter l @theonlyripcity

This is what a real man does.

Do not, I repeat do not touch the snacks!

This mama-to-be left a note to make sure that wouldn't happen.

The important things to remember.

Twitter l @brendanburke

If you're leaving, you better be leaving us at LEAST five pints of Ben & Jerry.