Nickelodeon And Jamie Lynn Spears Are Talking About A 'Zoey 101' Reboot

Guys, this is the big one. Zoey 101 may be coming back to Nickelodeon, and she would be coming back!

This comes to us through a report made by TMZ.

It seems that Jamie Lynn Spears has been talking with Nickelodeon executives.


But nothing is a done deal yet (but hopefully it will be).

According to TMZ, the show would follow Zoey's life at the age of 28.


So we'd see Zoey with her adult edge!

I'm so down!

Would she still be friends with the same people?


I hope so.

If you're bringing back Zoey 101 then you should bring back everyone involved.

Maybe we'd see her with children!

Instagram | @jamielynnspears

Maybe she'll get her own in the business.

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