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A Photographer Transformed A Bullied Boy Into The Joker For An Epic Photoshoot

It's an unfortunate reality that children are bullied in school. Parents send their kids to school, hoping that their children are being taken care of and having fun with their friends, but it's just not always the case.

One mom wanted to uplift her bullied son's spirits and reached out to a local photographer to help her out, and there's no way that he didn't feel like a million bucks after the photoshoot.

This is Race.

Unfortunately, he is being bullied at school and is understandably going through a tough time with it.

His mom, Andrea, approached her friend and the photographer behind the shoot Lance Reis, who specializes in taking photos of cosplayers.

Andrea approached Lance to take a photo of Race with Batman to life his spirits.

But Lance had a way better idea.

He suggested that Race cosplay as the Joker, giving him his moment to shine.

Lance was the perfect person to take pictures of Race for this photoshoot. He explained that he himself was bullied and he could really relate to Race.

He told Race that, "we can get past it [bullying] and grow up to do great things."

"And look, now he easily has the coolest photos of anyone in his school."

Lance isn't wrong about that!

This photoshoot is sure to give Lance the boost of confidence he needs to feel empowered.