Cheezits’ New Half Wine Half Crackers Box Is Picnic Perfect

Sydney Brooman 23 Jul 2019

Wine and cheese is a classic pairing, but if we're being honest, us elderly Millennials don't have the stomach for all that dairy anymore. We want easily accessible snack food, not food that sits in our stomachs for 1000 years.

Thankfully, you don't even have to separately buy your snacks and drinks anymore, because Kellogg's just announced that they will be releasing a box of half wine, half Cheezit crackers for all of us wine and cheese lovers.

They've even included a fancy pairing sheet.


The pairings are listed as follows:

White Cheddar and rosé; Cheddar Jack and cabernet sauvignon; Grooves Zesty Cheddar Ranch and malbec; Extra Toasty and sauvignon blanc; Duoz Sharp Cheddar/Parmesan and chardonnay.

Yeah, I just gave you wine and Cheezit pairings.

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Alright Cheezits, go off I guess.


"We make wines for people to enjoy anytime and anyplace — just like Cheez-It," says Hal Landvoigt, a winemaker with House Wine, "I create wines that run the spectrum of flavor — from crisp and bright to savory and spicy. From there, I looked for combinations that complement the real cheese found in each flavor of Cheez-It to make the perfect pairing."

Kellogg's will be working in collaboration with House Wine in order to create the half red wine, half Cheezit cracker box. They'll be around $25 and available in stores starting July 25th for a limited time.

h/t: Best Products

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