Maisie Williams Got A Sexist 'Game Of Thrones' Question And She Wasn't Having Any Of It

Oh boy! It seems that poor Maisie Williams and her character Arya have been under a whole bunch of scrutiny these past couple of months.

Well, let's dive right in folks!

Ahh, 'Game Of Thrones'.


I sure do miss writing about you.

Your twists, your turns, your final season that got everyone to agree on something while they were on the internet... for once in their lives.

Yes, everyone misses you.


I mean sure, we have the prequel series to look forward too, however, it will never be as magical as the little HBO series that could.

Or maybe it will be.

I don't know.


The fact of the matter is that Game Of Thrones went out for a pack of cigarettes a couple of months ago and probably isn't coming back, like, ever.

No matter...


How many petitions you sign online. Luckily, however, the actors who played some of our favorite characters on one of our favorite TV shows are very much still around.

So... hurray?

Hurray indeed.


Because recently, in fact, yesterday (at time of writing) the actors from Game Of Thrones appeared at San Diego Comic-Con, much to the excitement of fans all over... San Diego.

Quick Question...


Did D&D (the show creators) show up? Did people boo? I know there was a big meme about it, I'm just not sure if people actually went through with it.

(Ahem, Area 51, Ahem)

So anyways...


There she was, in all her glory, the girl who should've been queen, who should've parked her butt on the Iron Throne, Arya Star– er, I mean Maisie Williams (get GoT out of your head, Jake, it's over).

Suddenly she's approached with a question that will at least rock the rest of this article, if not the whole entire world:

"Do you think Jon Snow deserves any credit for helping you destroy the Night King?"

Let's back up.


There they were, the last bastion of free men and women of Westeros, like a couple of actors at Comic-Con, being bombarded by a bunch of zombies that want nothing more than to consume them and take their very souls.

The Night King...


Was approaching Bran (aka the Three-Eyed Raven, it's complicated) and he was ready to totally mess the guy up.

Like I'm talking a serious beat down, I assume.

When suddenly like a cat in the night, Arya leapt towards the Night King


And after some fighting, stabbed him in the stomach and BOOM!

The whole army of stinky walkers was dead.

Back to Comic-Con.


So there Maisie Williams was, like... well, you know what it was like.

After she heard this question she narrowed her eyes, smirked her lips and gave one of the best answers ever...

She replied with the clap back of the century:


“No! She did it on her own. But if we’re to give credit to anyone, it would be Melisandre for getting Arya’s head back on track.” she said.

So there you have it.


Women are solely responsible for taking down one of the biggest threats to Westeros, the Night King, and his army.

Sorry, Jon Snow, we know how much you love the spotlight, but not today friend.

What do you think?


Does Jon deserve any credit for helping out Arya?

Or do you truly believe she is the badass, assassin chick that she is and didn't need any help from anyone?