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Two-Year-Old Drives Battery-Powered Tractor To County Fair Without Asking Parents

A toddler in Minnesota is in some hot water after deciding to take a little field trip without letting his parents know first. As KARE11 reported, the two-year-old has lost his driving privileges, and with good reason.

The local sheriff's office received a call about a missing child, and within minutes, deputies had located the tot.

He was right in the middle of the action at the county fair.

As he relayed to the deputies, he and his family lived just over a block from the fairgrounds, and he had been watching the rides go up for a couple of days, building his excitement.

Finally, the boy couldn't contain himself any longer, so he headed out on his little battery-powered John Deere to check it out.

Facebook | Chisago County Sheriff's Office

He drove all the way there on the sidewalk, right through a back gate, dodged heavy crowds, and headed straight for the Tilt-A-Whirl.

One guest, a former deputy, thought something might be up, and so he pointed the boy on his own out to one of the deputies at the fair.

So, thankfully, it didn't take long for the toddler to be reunited with his dad.

However, word is that after showing a bit too much independence and initiative, Dad confiscated the boy's tractor keys — well, the battery anyway — for a while.

h/t: KARE 11