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People Are Angry That You Can't Tell The 'Cats' Film's Lead Is Black

The trailer for Cats dropped on Thursday, and it has received mixed reaction from the start.

It has a killer cast, which includes Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift, but it still scared the daylights out of people.

And the star of the show is Francesca Hayward.

Taylor Swift is starring in it.

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We will get to see her lend her magnificent voice to the character of Bombalurina.

T-Swift fans have been screaming since the trailer got released.

Jennifer Hudson as well.

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Which will probably be phenomenal.

We already know she has the voice, and her acting chops are just as great!

But I'm most excited for Idris Elba.

Because really, why wouldn't I be?

We get to see Elba sing and dance in a movie? Sign me up!

But there is a new star that we will get to discover!

And her name is Francesca Hayward!

In a cast full of major A-list celebs, she has snagged the major role!

Hayward plays the cat Victoria.

She was born to a British father and a Kenyan mother.

And she is the principal dancer in the British Royal Ballet.

But Twitter has some problems with her CGI cat look.

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People think that Hayward's face has been altered for the part.

Take a look at this tweet.

I actually had no idea that the lead was black because as this tweet shows, I had no idea who she was.

Hayward hasn't mentioned the controversy.

She posted the trailer on her Instagram and seems to be very happy about her role in the movie!

Let us know in the comments what you think!

What are your thoughts on this controversy?

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Let us know in the comments!

In any case, we know that the movie will be worth seeing!