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12+ Wild Pics That Could Only Have Come From Florida

Every state in the union has a little something that makes it special and memorable. Vermont has its maple syrup and Maine has its lobsters. California has surfing and Colorado has skiing. South Dakota has Mount Rushmore and North Dakota has the highway to South Dakota. You get the idea.

Florida is a memorable state for a slew of reasons, however, and it's not just Spring Break and Disney.

Just a home in Florida, completely wrapped in aluminum foil.

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I don't know if there's a strategy to wrapping your home in aluminum foil, like repelling the sun's intense rays, but if so, why wrap the tree, too?

Even for Florida, this is a doozy.

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How the heck do you mess up in the parking lot so badly that you end up on top of another car? How??

Just another day out for a stroll.

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Where else but Florida would you see someone riding a horse painted up like a zebra and walking their dog (off-leash in traffic) at the same time?

Speaking of sunny days out for a walk...

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Apparently they were even barking. To each their own, but I don't want to think of what else they might have done on the grass.

Summer is definitely a challenging season in the Sunshine State.

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Just when a refreshing splash in the water would do a world of good, the sun comes along and ruins it all.

In Florida, safety does not always come first.

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It's well down the list with these folks. Ratchet straps are great and all, but come on now.

See? It's like they know.

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Driving a coffin around on your chopper, when you've got no helmet and you're wearing sandals, is just asking for trouble.

I have to imagine that power washes sales go up in the spring, when the bugs are more active.

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Just imagine the guy on the motorbike with no helmet or goggles driving around in this!

Apparently folks in Florida do love to spoil their pets.

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Sometimes their pets are alligators. Sometimes they get their own ATVs. This is peak Florida.

Of course, even if alligators aren't pets, they might invite themselves inside.

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And what are you going to say to an 11-foot eating machine? No?

Now that's a water hazard and a half.

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The rules of golf should be different in Florida — you should be able to take a drop if your ball lands on a gator's head. That's a ridiculous lie.

And then there's the workplace hazards.

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Florida Power and Light had to contend with both a massive gator and a cozy pile of snakes!

Did anybody know that gators can climb fences?

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And I don't know if the barbed wire at the top will even stop this thing. Gators are going to go where gators are going to go.

Another workplace hazard, this plumber found the clog in the drain.

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For once, I would rather pull out a straggly ball of soggy, slimy hair, thank you very much.

And, in the battle between snakes and gators, there's a clear winner.

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I think that means the gators own Florida now. Anything that can take down a giant python is a winner in my books.