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Watch Buzz Aldrin Punch Moon Landing Denier In The Face In Wild Video

There often comes a time when we grow up that we realize something we were told about all our lives turned out to be a lie. It can be a shock to our systems, but there's something oddly liberating about finally knowing the truth after years of uncertainty.

And of course, that satisfaction becomes even stronger when we discovered the truth for ourselves instead of hearing about it from someone else. Unfortunately, that pride in our detective work can come back to bite us when we start seeing everything as a facade to mask some deep, hidden truth.

And if we should go too far down the internet conspiracy rabbit hole, it's not impossible to get ourselves in an embarrassing situation like the one that unfolds in the full video.

Back in 2002, famed astronaut and the second man to walk on the moon, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, traveled to a hotel in Beverly Hills.

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As the BBC reported, he believed he was there to conduct an interview.

However, what he encountered when he arrived was documentary filmmaker Bart Sibrel demanding he swear on the Bible that he walked on the moon.

At first, Sibrel's demands seemed so erratic that the hotel's doorman thought he was a solicitor.

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Although Aldrin initially walked away from Sibrel, he told the person filming them to continue and put their camera up on their shoulder.

It seemed that nothing would deter him from trying to prove that the moon landing was staged.

So he approached Aldrin again and insisted that he said he walked on the moon without truth.

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Aldrin told Sibrel to get away from him, but Sibrel persisted, calling Aldrin "A coward, a liar, and a thief."

However, Sibrel barely got "thief" out before Aldrin punched him in the face.

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According to the BBC, Aldrin would later say he struck Sibrel to defend both himself and his step-daughter (pictured in the yellow shirt) from Sibrel's harassment.

Nonetheless, Sibrel handed his recording of the incident over to police in the interest of pursuing criminal charges against Aldrin.

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However, California authorities decided against filing any charges partially because witnesses said Sibrel was aggressively poking Aldrin with his Bible before the punch.

The facts that Sibrel neither appeared visibly injured nor sought out medical attention and that Aldrin had no criminal record were also factors at play.

It also didn't help that Sibrel had reportedly lured Aldrin to the hotel under false pretenses.

In any case, Sibrel's attempt to discredit Aldrin's most famous mission 33 years later earned him only a punch in the face and a starring role in the full video.