Natalie Portman Is Announced As The New Thor And We're Not Worthy

It's something we never thought would happen, but it has!

Natalie Portman, who we all thought kind of hated the MCU, is taking the spotlight. She will wield Thor's hammer and become the Mighty Thor.

At San Diego Comic-Con, director Taika Waititi announced 'Thor: Love and Thunder'.

And with that came an abundance of news, the biggest being that Natalie Portman will receive the power of Thor.

It's straight out of the comic books!


There are already some people bashing the idea, but they can't say they aren't following the storyline!

She celebrated on Twitter!

We can't wait to see what she brings to the role!

We know she has the acting chops for it!

Will she perhaps be Valkyrie's love interest?


We know Tessa Thompson is looking for her queen, maybe Natalie Portman will be it!