People Are Terrified Of The 'Cats' Trailer And With Really Good Reason

Well, I mean, can you really blame people?

I mean, just looking at the picture is making whatever part of my brain fear the uncanny valley fire on every single cylinder...

So yeah...


It looks like we got a trailer for the movie adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber play "Cats" a couple of days ago.

And... um... how do I say this politely...

The internet hates it.


Sorry, I tried.

The biggest reason for the hate is that the Cats... People... Person Cats, whatever, look incredibly terrifying. Listen, I'll shut up and let these people on Twitter talk, okay?

This is pretty much the general sentiment for anyone who has watched the trailer.

And then went to Twitter to complain about it.

It does look awful scary, I'll give them that.

Not even cats like the 'Cats' movie.

I mean come on real-life cats, it has T-Swift in it!

I mean sure, she's covered in fur and looks like a CG monster but... uh... I can't remember where I was going with this.

Some are comparing it...

To that live-action Cat In The Hat that was done with Mike Myers a couple of years ago, and honestly... the difference is that this new Cats movie is going to be darker?

Lighting wise, not story.

But at least it's getting people talking in real life!

I mean, what better way to talk to folks around you than to bring up a trailer that was unintentionally terrifying to most of the public.

Alright, this tweet is pretty spot on.

I mean, I feel like it would all be one book, possibly titled "The Night Of The Cat People" or something along those lines...

Oh my god...

If the Cats trailer is what you see when you die, then I need to find the medicine for immortality like, freaking yesterday man.

I don't want that afterlife.

There's one person who thinks that the 'Cats' movie looks good, and it was a six-year-old!

I'm sure there's some commentary in there about how jaded we become as adults, but I'm too awestruck to make it!

Anthony Mackie talks 'Cats'.

Here we have Marvel's Falcon talking about the Cats trailer as well as the broadway show Cats.

He says "they're still Cats" after 46 seconds. Uh... yeah?


I'm pretty sure this is a sex thing, however picturing the conversation was funny enough for me to include it in this article.

Spot on 4chan. Spot on.

We can even use quotes from the wretched hive of scum and villainy 4chan to describe our feelings about this weird, weird, weird trailer.

And honestly, yeah.

It seems that we've been getting a lot of weird trailers in the last couples months.

Remember how horrified people were when that new Sonic trailer came out?

Well, here we are again.

In the end...

This Cats trailer is yet another meme that will come and go, just like this tweet describes.

Do you guys remember Trash Tag? Remember how good that was for the world?

Yeah, neither do I.

Watch the trailer for yourself.

Because you can be the judge of whether or not this is terrifying or an awesome representation of the original musical.

However, if you don't think it's terrifying, you might have to go on a list somewhere...